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Descobertas Profissionais e Cidadania Europeia
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The project " Professional discoveries /European Citizenship " is intended to 15 young trainees of the second and third year of Professional Courses and 9 newly Formed, aged between 17 and 21 who come from the Ave Valley , a very depressed region of Portugal . This group includes young underaged trainees and all of them face socio-economic deprivation therefore need to be monitored . We request an escort teacher for each destination which will be a total of 3 teachers. They are young people who are preparing for various professions in the world of design, restoration, arts, computers, sports and science. The curriculum design provides 610 hours of training in work context ( active training ) in firms or institutions whose professional area matches the required training . The professionals in these areas are responding with great acuity and agility to the demands of globalization with its consequent demand for quality service . This project will allow motivating , enriching and unique professional experiences as it will be held abroad. The simple perspective of training outside Portugal, which was already announced over the school year 2012/2013, and the implementation of projects approved for 2012 , 2013,2014 and 2015 has motivated young people to study foreign languages and to complete the course with higher quality . The possibility of an internship in London Derry ( Northern Ireland GB ) on the island of Tenerife or Italy is a very strong incentive to invest in schoolwork. The experience will be rewarding because it makes Europe reachable to socio-economically disadvantaged young people. It will be a unique experience , since most of these young people have never entered an airport , many have never been to the capital of their own country. This project responds to the need to promote the European dimension of citizenship and to open the horizons of these young people . In Europe today , contacting with a new culture or a new language is assumed as a necessity which promotes equality of opportunity as it will put at their fingertips an opportunity that only young people born in more affluent socioeconomic classes can get. It will be a concrete response financed by European funds directed to a social stratum always overlooked . Mobilities provide a direct contact with human and professional knowledge that lead to the evolution of professions . The objectives aim at the apprenticeship in Technical courses of; - Restoration ; - Design ; - Laboratory Analysis; -Sports - Management ; -Computing Management . The project “ Professional Experience +European Citizenship " aims to : - Consolidate the European citizenship; -Find out about Professional practices in another country ; - Discovering a new culture ; - Improve the field of English language ; - Learn a new foreign language ; - Blurring social disadvantage linked to socio-economic status of the family . The expected results will impact on professional, social and relational skills , but also in the domain of the language of the country where they hold the mobility level . In professional fields , catering , arts and science, general culture , the ability to communicate , the development of relational agility take particular relevance . It is expected that participants return more cultivated , uninhibited , more competent . The 15 youth mobility will take place between May and July 2016. 11th grade : -2 Graduates of a Design Course, 2 graduate in Computing Management will be placed in the Nort West London Academy of Derry in Northern Ireland for 55 days. -3 from Analysis graduates will go to Lecce in Italy for 55 days ; 12th grade : - 2 graduates of Design , 2 graduates of Analysis and 2 of Restoration will be framed by the partner on Tenerife for 65 days. The 9 newly graduates will go 75 days to Tenerife. In the long term it is expected that employment opportunities are enhanced thereby enabling these young people to have better conditions of employment in the European labor market.
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