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Desarrollo y mejora de estrategias innovadoras para la docencia. Integración y competencias lingüísticas como herramientas fundamentales.
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Taking into account IES de VALLADA is a small school in a rural area, the project comes out from the idea of improving and implementing different methods in order to benefit the most number of students; focusing on school abandonment and failure, as well as ethnic minority integration. Thus, keeping in mind the existent diversity in the eligible school in relation to religion, socail status, cultural level and individual competences; from our school we expect to learn and improve our already undergo programmes so that, integration succeeds and what is better than such an experienced parter whose school is seat od a wide diversity in culture and linguistics. Therefore, we have proposed two teachers who due to their profile best suits this project. On the one hand, one is technical agrarian tecaher and tutor in FPB. This is a group that comes from a school failure in ESO and teh tecaher's job here is essential to reconduct them towards ending the secondasry education school first, and then show them the way to further studies or to the world of work, which implies internships. On the other hand, the other is the Coordiantor in Formation, an English teacher in ESO and Spanish and Catalan teacher in the group above mentioned, FPB. All along her career she has been tutor of many different groups, she has laso taken part in programmes such as PROA and the fact that the eligible partner belongs to an English-speaking country goes beyond and improves the project objectives. Since one never stops learning, the linguistic competence, English in this case, is going to be improved and, thus, making our SS beneficiaries of the knowledge acquired. Since in the target school there are a wide number of foreigners, the English language is learnt as a foreing for them too; therefore, on of the main objectives in relation to this factor is the study of different strategies and tools used in order to adjust them to our SS. Today, our school has several innovating and interdisciplrina on the go witihin the Contrato-Programa, being both participants on them. Among the several actions, there is a need to mention: honey and ecologic tomatoes production, management and development of thenew library to enhance reading skills, paths and forest routes in cooperation with the Town Hall, charity cooperation with ASPROMIVISE (occupational workshop for disabled people), taking part in 4 eTwinning projects (Greece, Norway, England and Hong Kong). Through job shadowing, benefits are not only for participants, but for the whole school, from teachers to SS. In order to succeed, we will plan an assessment intrument and basic objectives to be accomplished, so that when the participants return form their stay, they could explain to the rest of teachers their experience and everyone can get benefits form it. Thus, they might create a kind of memo with images, recordings and comments of target teaches and SS (like a photo story) that clearly ummarises the methodology used in the target school, different problem-solving situations englobing integration, school abandonment and failure, strategies in TEFL, actions in and extra curricular ( as the charity breakfast at the target school). This memo can also be worked through SS tutorials analizing the actions at the target school and improving their English at the same time. To achieved the expected results, before the job shadowing, real school abandonment and failure cases would be studied in depth, SS would be assessed in English; so that, on their way back, teaches would put into practice what they have learnt in relation to integration, school abandonment and failure; on the other hand, new teaching methodologies would be launched and wherever it is considered, the same assessment would be held during one or two years in order to see the evolution. Results cannot be seen a-working-day, so the monitoring must be thorough. To sum up, this job shadowing is just one step on our race towards success. Next step would be a KA2, so that our SS can benefit one from each other of the acquired experience of our teachers. So, obviouslty, keeping in forming our teachers is a duty so that they can proyect on our SS their wisdom and talents and, therefore, make our SS adults ready for the work life.

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