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Start date: Jul 1, 2016, End date: Jun 30, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

This project is aimed at students in their second year of medium Vocational Training and the teachers of the school. We distinguish between two kinds of objectives depending on the professional field we are referring to:- 1st professional field: Community services: Course: Health and social care for the elderly and people with diabilities. In this subject we will keep on working with other vocational training schools around Europe. With this aim we have two partners: one school in Denmark which works in the field of the Social care. and a Lycée from France with mechanize, maintenance and health and social care degrees. Secondarily we will work with intermediary companies. We want to improve the organization and running of the placements, although the training is supervised and controlled directly from the institute. Goals: 1- To give students an insight into the labour market inside de EU, working with countries where social services take on greater relevance.2- To improve qualitatively and increase quantitatively the mobility of those with an initial Vocational Training.3- To develop innovative training in the area of the Vocational Training 4- To encourage learning of foreign languagesWe work with the next vocational training schools, Lycée Gustave Eiffel, in Narbonne, France, Social-og Sundhedsskolen Federicia Veije Horsens in Denmark and San Giovanni Bosco in Viadana, Italy. The intermediary company, Centro Studi cultura Sviluppo in Pistoia, Italy and with the Irish Alzheimer Association in Dublin, Ireland. - 2nd professional field. Industrial area. Here we have two courses, “Mechanized Production”, and “Industrial Maintenance”. In those cases we work with the vocational training School Gustave Eiffel in Narbonne, France and local companies and their subsidiary companies in Europe.Goals1- To give students an insight into the labour market inside the EU, giving the students a competitive advantage, as many of these international companies are looking for workers who are prepared to travel, who speak languages and preferably have knowledge in their subsidiaries.2- Improve qualitatively and increase quantitatively the mobility of those with initial Vocational Training3- To develop innovative training in the area of the Vocational Training4- To obtain knowledge of the technologically innovative practices applied in European subsidiaries.5- To support the development of content, education and continuous learning and innovative practices, based on the use of the TIC. The use of web tools for monitoring the training and managing all the data.We will work with the Lycée Gustav Eiffel from Narbonne France, Zesto Meritum in Poland and San Giovanni Bosco in Viadana, Italy . Through Vidrala S.A. we work with his subsidiary companies in Corsico (Italy), Mariña Grande (Portugal) and Belgium. The company Orona has a branch in Dublin, Ireland. Berg Montana Fittings Ead, sited in Montana, Bulgaria is a subsidiary company of the Alava company Atusa. The American multinational Guardian, sited in Laudio, has branches in Poland, Hungary, Germany and France. We have the possibility of working with the intermediary companies in the industrial fields too.All the student's placements should be in 2017, during March, April and May, during the students’ training period.It is in our strategie lto boost our worker's mobility. With a clear objective to foster relations between our techers and European colleagues we deepely think that this will have a direct impact on the classroom and on technological innovation aspects which add value to our education. We hope that this good reputation and desire to participate in these experiences of our students, should be also transferred to the teaching staff. It is important to obtain a whole internationalization in high school Zaraobe.Our targets:1- Our student´s satisfaction with the placement and quality training. This is measured by a survey, as a part of our quality management process.2- To strengthen our alliances with local companies, their branches and subsidiary companies in Europe and intermediary partners.With the development of these placements we will obtain greater value in the education process guaranteeing quality training.

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