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Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

This project is justified under the field of the school objectives, clearly stated in the General Programme of the year, with the aim of estrengthenning our multilingualism programme within a european scope, following the path which we laid out two years ago and which is considered a priority if we want to provide our educative centre with enriching and motivating experiences for both teachers and students. In this regard the Secondary School Antonio Calvin, has already set up some guidelines. The school´s participation in two european projects has meant to go beyond the national frontiers to see ourselves reflected in a new reality characterized by its international perspective, to share experiences and to open up channels of communication with other countries of the European community, to get in touch with other educative realities, other customs, other cultures etc......, an experience which is being shared with our students. Because of the link we have with many of these countries, we have shared experiences, concerns, realities, opinions etc...., and we are conscious that, before any other thing, training, methological updating, innovation and learning for the teaching staff who are freely inmersed in this long- lasting project is of the outmost importance. What really leads us to apply for this project and at the same time to commit ourselves to this programme, is the fact of having identified with the help of our experience and throughout this short period , the gaps and deficiencies we have in our educative practice in the English language, and the need to share experiences, to update our methology in the foreign language, to innovate ourselves and to improve our skills in the use of English for specific purposes. Because of that we have designed a training plan which embraces three stages. • First Stage: Assesment of the school´s needs and continuous learning of teachers. -Course or seminar to be done at school for those teachers directly involved in the programme and all those who are interested in improving their linguistic competence in the foreign language Aims: • To analize the school reality in the framework of multilingualism. • To identify short and médium term priorities. • To improve in the use of the information and communication techniques to communicate ourselves and to share information among teachers and also with students. - Course to be attended in a English spoken country about CLIL methodology and the use of new communication techniques for the learning of the English language as well as other modern approaches in the language teaching processes. • Second Stage: -Observation period (job shadowing), en a European educative centre in Secondary education, which already has a consolidated experience in the use of CLIL approach. -Seminar or course to take place in our educative centre to show the results and to draw conclussions about all this period of work as well as the measures to be taken in our centre to improve the learning processeses of our students. • Third Stage: With the proposals and conclusions drawn throughout the course, we aim at: - Improving our educative practice. - Designing new strategies for the organization and grouping of students to improve the teaching practice and the knowledge of the foreign language. - Exchanging activities easily adapted to different areas of knowledge to promote the possiblilities of interdisciplinarity. - Promoting team work. - Using new tools and instruments. - Improving in the use of new information and communication tecniques. - Being a referent in the use of CLIL methodology for other educative centres in the same area. - Improving the educative offer in our centre. All these objectives will be achieved and improved throughout the second year of the Project . At the end of this year we have also designed our participation in a congress or course with the aim of introducing and disseminating our own teaching experience , and share them with other participants. Which are the purposes of this project? -Continuous training and improving of the teaching staff inmersed in the programme. -Participation and commitment of the different teaching departments. -Practicing with the spoken and written foreign language. -Involvement of the headmaster and the different deputy headmasters -The importance of being a part of a European context. -Emphasizing the benefits of learning a second language from early stages. -Improving our students’ fluency and accuracy in the foreign language, We have designed this project to train teachers and to share our learning experiences with the rest of the teaching staff as well as to make teachers aware of the benefits of being members of the European Communit. The results must benefit the students and this will become the best covering letter for the Antonio Calvin high school.

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