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Der große BLACKOUT: Was ist, wenn alles anders wird? Gesellschaftliche Entwürfe unseres Zusammenlebens innerhalb der Europäischen Gemeinschaft aus der Sicht der Jugendlichen
Start date: Aug 1, 2015, End date: Jan 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

1945, exactly 70 years ago, World War II ended, reducing great parts of the European continent in ash and rubble. The citizens suffered heavily from the devastating consequences of the terrible years of war. In many parts of Europe, civilization and society were collapsed. Nothing was the way it was before and because of the great numbers of refugees, many communities hat to change or the groups of refugees had to settle down in new areas. Nevertheless – or perhaps even because of this situation – the idea of a joint and peacful Europe rose again. This time, the pioneers of the European idea had the hope that international cooperation could reduce or even prevent wars and the escalation of violence in future. The project “The big BLACKOUT. What, if everything changes? Social blueprints of our living together within the European community from the perspective of young people” wants to take up this thought. The participating youth - all in all 36 persons from Germany, Great Britain, France, Latvia, Poland and Hungary - get the exercise to imagine a situation where their social fabric changes, a situation where neither social networks as Facebook, nor television or telephones work any more. The young people should imagine to live in a completely changed situation. In working on a joint performance, the participants will get to know the dependences of civilization and become aware of the fact that their possessions and circumstances of life can not be taken for granted. They will deal with the different moral concepts of their countries and with the difficulty of social processes. They will experience the core values of the European society and become aware of the privileges of the European Union and the great value of long-lasting peace. The German group consits of young refugees – inter alia from Syria or Kosovo –, some of them had to experience the consequences of war and destruction by themselves. The other participants, who know war just from their history lessons or from the media, will get a very intensive insight into the suffering of people of their same age. At the same time, the young refugees will be integrated into a social network of European youth and get the chance to increase their self-confidence by working together on the performance. Hopefully they will also get new perspectives for their future. This shall be achieved both by the joint working on the performance and by so called "Eat-culture-evenings". This project within the ERASMUS+ programme “Youth mobility” aims to show the youth the intrinsic values of their European citizenry so that they both develop an understanding for their own role in history and become active European Union’s citizens. It contributes to the development of solidarity and in promoting tolerance of young people and therefore strengthens the social cohesion between people of different cultures within the European Union. With its topic and methodology the project promotes the European core values of freedom, democracy, human rights and peace. Through our holistic methodology the youth will develop and present to one another different social models within the creative process of working ton the performance. Within the joint work for the performance to the topic “The big BLACKOUT”, there will happen a very concrete and intensive experience regarding the above-mentioned priorities.

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