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Den digitale Skedsmoskolen 16/17
Start date: 01 Aug 2016, End date: 31 Jul 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Mastering digital skills is one of five basic skills students should learn in school. The Ludvigsen Committee, which recently submitted its report on how schools teach skills students will need in the future, sees digital skills as a prerequisite for participation both in education, employment and other areas of society. How can we as school owners and schools best fascilitate learning of digital skills? The Ludvigsen Committee showed that schools need new perspectives to meet future skills needs in the labor market and the society. As school owner, we must further develop the content of subjects and teaching methods to adapt our schools our future needs. Skedsmo Municipality articularly need sto develop methods of teaching and the use of new methods within ICT and digitization. This is in line with the municipality's overall objectives for the education sector, and demands from the national level. To reach these goals, both school owners and teachers need new knowledge and new ideas.Skedsmo Municipality has selected two schools to participate in this consortium. The schools have been selected on the basis of their motivation and the needs for new knowledge in the field. The schools have also been chosen due to their different approaches to ICT and digitization of teaching. With this broad background , the Municipality hopes to increase the project's relevance to the Municipality's other schools.Bråtejordet school wantst o give teachers at the school a new impulsesin digital learning methods through participation in the project. Stav school wants to strengthen the work on key competences in general and ICT in particular. For the school sector, it is also an objective of the project to lead to new cooperation project in the future and thus foster continuous learning and improvement in the sector. From each school sfour representatives are selected to participate. They are selected on the basis of their positions at each shchool, and their capacity to participate in the dissemination of the project results. To ensure that the project achieves the desired results, the Municipality and the schools involved seek courses in digital tools with broad scopes, and a focus on teaching tools. The tools must be functioal and easy to pass on to the rest of the staff. Through this project, participants will attend the following: Four structured courses - "Competences for a Modern Teacher: a Path from two Teaching Learning" in Strasbourg, France;"A guide to Conducting classroom observations 5-DAY" in St Paul's Bay, Malta; "Intercultural education through religious studies", in Venice, Italy and "Integrating ICT and new technologies into teaching and education" in Bologna / Palermo, Italy. The participating schools have different approaches to the use of ICT in education, and both schools will therefore not attend all of the courses.Both schools will attend the BETT conference in London in January 2017, and here there are plans visits to schools to observe the use of ICT in teaching practice.Experiences gained in the project will be monitored on three levels. Firstly, the project will be followed up in the two participating schools, secondly, between the participating schools and the other schools in the municipality and thirdly, between schools and the education sector in the municipality. Participants are obliged participate in the dissemination and exchange of experience of project . In order to fascilitate and monitor the implementation of the project, a joint working group will be set up between the international staff of the Municipality, the Education Sector and the schools involved. Through the project, Skedsmo Municipality will get one step further in its efforts to develop igital services for our citizens and our teachers will use more digital tools in everyday teaching. The schools that participate directly in the project will get more motivated teachers with expertise in ICT and digitization.Through effective channels for sharing the experiences of the project spread to the municipality's other schools teachers are also becoming more motivated through active participation in the adaptation and implementation of new methods. Lasting change in practice will be secured by the involvement of the education sector in the implementarion and evaluation of the project. The sector will also floow up the results of the project. Together this will help develop new procedures for sharing in the sector.This is the second municipality consortium application, this time focusing on the middle school level. Together with our previous project aimed at primary schools, the project will provide greater understanding and motivation for international projects. Future participation in new projects will ensure continuous learning and improvement in the sector
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