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Demonstration of ANemometry InstrumEnt based on LAser (DANIELA)
Start date: May 1, 2008, End date: Dec 31, 2011 PROJECT  FINISHED 

"The availability of highly integrated laser and optics technology offer the prospect of increased aircraft Air Data System robustness in adverse conditions. Indeed, although critical, the system is subject to hailstone, icing, corrosion, bird collision, passenger stairs mishandling. Thus the optics technology offers the capability to improve the operational capacity and safety of the air transport system. DANIELA aims to carry out research and development as well as technology maturity improvement to prepare the installation on new airliners of a fully non intrusive Optical Air Data System (OADS). Thus DANIELA will: - validate the capability of the system to measure the parameters in all flight conditions : DANIELA will address the main issues coming from the use of signal back scattering instead of well known pressure measures. Atmosphere particle dissemination studies will be performed, and OADS system will be evaluated in a worst case ie high altitude un polar conditions. - investigate and mature dedicated technology : improvement in laser sources and optical functions integration glasses are the key technology to reach commercial air transport requirements and insure an European source for optical ADS, along with dedicated signal processing schemes. Resistance of side mounted OADS glasses to dust, ice or sand as well as any atmospheric erosion will be evaluated during representative test in wind tunnel. - evaluate new temperature measurement principle that allow replacement of the intrusive TAT probe. Future generation airliner studies have already set the main driver for a competitive aircraft. DANIELA aims to push integration a step beyond NESLIE demonstrator to fully validate the OADS concept with regards to future commercial air transport needs. The output of the project will be validated technology that enable the introduction of OADS in future airliners (around 2015) and secure the certification process of such aircraft."

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