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Democracy and human rights education in adult learning

“DARE- Democracy and Human Rights education in Adult Learning” started as aGRUNDTVIG 4 –project in line with European education and training policies, inparticular the European concept of Education for Democratic Citizenship in LifelongLearning.DARE was initiated as an Europe-wide network of NGOs and other organisationsdevoted to promote a deeper understanding and commitment to democracy and humanrights through education. DARE seeks to raise the profile of education for democraticcitizenship and human rights, to enhance the quality of education and communicationwithin these fields, to promote trans-national cooperation amongst member organisationthus contributing to innovative pathways for common projects. DARE aims at achievingrecognition and visibility for the education of democratic citizenship and human rights asa core obligation for the formal and non-formal education systems throughout Europe.Currently 36 member organisations in 26 countries joined the network. They all raise theprofile for education of democratic citizenship and human rights by their professionalexpertise, methodological and contents inputs and by their active commitment. Thenetwork is a community of mutual guidance and mentoring. DARE brings together “old”and “new” democracies, formal and non-formal education, action and research,practitioners, stakeholders and policy makers of education for democracy and humanrights.
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