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Democracy and Active Participation
Start date: May 17, 2015, End date: May 16, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

We want to execute this project to make young people more conscious about the topics of democracy, active citizenship and democratic participation in order to enable them to take an active role in solving the problems in their locals. With the project the topics of democracy, active participation, participation of youth, erasmus+ youth subjects will be adressed . we want to carry out this project to demonstrate the importance of youth participation and remind that civil society and the projects on youth can also be used as a participation mechanism. Project will be carried out; planned as a youth exchange in Istanbul including the arrival and departure days, the 19-28 August 2015 from 37 participants (4 participants per country + 1 leader / for Turkey 5 participants + 2 leaders) between 7 countries (Bulgaria, Greece, Spain, Poland, Portugal, Romania) . The aims of the project; - raise awareness about the relationship between youth Participation and democracy - inform young people about the concept of active citizenship and support the activities that help the development of active citizenship - to ensure the knowledge on the subject of the relationship between civil society and democracy - help young people to comprehend the relationship between the state ,civil society and individuals. During the youth exchange ,non-formal education methods will be used. A heterogenous group of participants which came from different enviroments and experiences will be provided, so they will have the chance to learn from each other. The youth exchange will last 10 days and roleplays,case studies, group work, visual presentations, collages, simulation games and outdoor activities will be made with participants. At the end of the project , participants will find a chance to improve their knowledge and skills on the subjects of democracy,active citizienship, civil society and state- individual relation. They are expected to use the knowledge that they gained in this field in the local activities they implement. With this activities they will have local,national and international impacts. Long-term benefits that we expect from the project are; -Widespread use of the concept of democracy among young people - increase the activities that supports Active citizenship ,and participation of young people in decision-making process -the potential benefits of the growth in the number of young people who knows and uses democratic participation mechanisms consciously.

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