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Demo Young
Start date: Jul 1, 2016, End date: Oct 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Democracy, its principles and democratic practices are an integral part of contemporary life in Europe. As such, democracy is one of the basic requirements for a healthy community development. The adoption of its principles empowers individuals and directs them towards self-actualization and proactive involvement at local, national and international level. In addition, the European Union is based on strong democratic principles and, as such, sets the foundation for building a European identity based on freedom and rights of every individual in accordance with modern democratic principles. The role of young people in the democratic process should not be neglected. They are not just a passive part of democratic societies, but an important stakeholder.Therefore, the project Demo Young represents an interactive exchange of youth within the area of education for democracy (Croatia, Portugal, Turkey and Germany). The project includes a total of 32 participants and 4 leaders. Democracy is diverse in its types, and the participation of young people from different countries is crucial, not only for the realization of the multicultural dimension of the project, but also for active exchange of experiences and knowledge. Program activity will be held in the town of Solin (and Split partially) in the period from 25.08.2016 till 02.09.2016. The Action Plan is divided into several modules: (1) Demo Education, (2) Demo Experience, (3) Demo Solidarity, (4) Demo Fun and (5) Evaluation module.The main objective of the project is to provide youth with the idea of democracy, its basic principles and the importance of proactive citizenship. We want to encourage young people to become active citizens within their own democratic societies and to take an active role in the democratic processes. In addition, we want to encourage young people to proactively participate in modern society, to develop principles of tolerance among young people as well as the principles of openness (of mind), to enhance communication by developing communication skills, to empower young people in their process of self-actualization and self-evaluation. In short, with the realization of the objectives, participants should become a sort of young "ambassadors" of democracy.To be able to accomplish the objectives, it is essential that young people learn about basic democratic principles and practices. Strand of the project, therefore, includes a series of workshops, games and discussions, a visits to various partners, sport, recreation, evaluation and presentation activities and an organized aid-raising activity for the social market of the town of Solin. Through the above, the young people will constantly be involved in micro-democratic processes that will directly contribute to faster adoption of democratic basis. Workshops in the program are provided for topics such as; methods of conflict resolution (Mission "Z"), human rights and tolerance, the rights and responsibilities of democracy and freedom of speech, as well as several audio-visual workshops. Through the application of such methods young people will have the opportunity to take a different democratic role and to explore the ways of democracy and workshops such as debates and open discussions. They will have the opportunity to present and build their positions and to come up with innovative ways of action. The project envisages a visit to the town of Solin and Salona, ​​the city of Split and the "Mini Parliament" of the IV. grammar school "Marko Marulić". In addition, the project includes participation in a number of sports and recreational activities such as sports games and hiking at "Marjan" in Split. Furthermore, participants will take part in the daily processes of evaluation and acquisition of Youthpass. Involving young people in this project and all of its activities will result with, besides approaching the ideas of democracy and pro-active citizenship, adoption and development of various social, language, communication and digital skills of all project participants.Such targeted learning outcomes also result in an increase in the number of young people with specific characteristics, knowledge, skills and motivation that will positively contribute to the growth and development of their organizations and local communities. We expect each partner of the project, upon return, to prepare and implement open tables, that is, democratic debates "Yout at:h and Democracy", which would represent the organizational efforts of project participants, and include participation of other members of their organization and local community partners such as, for example, school or other institution based on working with the youth. Such approach ensures long-term room for growth in the number of young people who decide to actively participate in democratic processes at local, national and international level.Project results avaliable at: (
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