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Delivery of DVB content over wireless mesh networks (MeshTV)
Start date: Sep 22, 2008, End date: Sep 21, 2009 PROJECT  FINISHED 

This project will focus on the problem of delivery of DVB services over large scale wireless mesh networks; in particular issues associated with video delivery. The problem is an interesting and timely problem as wireless mesh networks are only now developing the capacities required to make them realistic candidates for video delivery on any realistic scale. This can be largely attributed to increasing data rates of radio interfaces. There are a number of different aspects to the problem which will be investigated throughout the course of this project. Firstly, an analytical model of the scenario will be developed for a given network topology and user demand. The objective will be to determine the minimum set of DVB receivers that can satisfy the demand subject to some resource usage constraints. Heuristic approaches will be developed to solve this problem and once it has been solved, the members of the project will have a good understanding of how traffic demands, network topology and amount of receivers are related. Following this initial analytical work, a simulation based approach will be employed to determine how dynamic, distributed tree construction mechanisms can work in this context. This will involve devising a solution to the tree construction problem which will be informed by the earlier work (eg what sizes trees are typical, how they are distributed over different radio channels, etc). This tool will likely result in some iterations of the tree construction protocols for this case. Once the simulation-based work is complete, the members of the project will have a concrete proposal for the tree construction mechanisms. Then, they will be in a position to implement a system. This will be done on the wireless mesh network provided by the host. The work will be performed in conjunction with a suitably skilled intern. The work will involve design, implementation and test phases. Once complete, an analysis of the operation of the system will be done.

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