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Delivering Entrepreneurial Education Course (DEEC)
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Homewood School and Sixth Form is recognised as one of the most innovative Academies in the UK, as seen by winning the recent 'Whole Education School of the Year' 2014, as awarded by the national Whole Education Network. This level of excellence has been achieved through innovative developments of educational frameworks, including our commitment to providing an environment that aims to bridge the gap between skills provided and those needed to succeed both professionally and personally after student academy life (as seen with our new I-College and Studio School approach). However, Homewood understand the importance of developing a wider approach to innovation and entrepreneurship in education and are looking at utilising the school staff mobility programme as a way of launching a clear European Development Plan. Homewood School's European Development Plan has a clear foundation in the need for a more entrepreneurial approach to our own education and within an EU framework, to fully integrate the school with wider-reaching partnerships and the opportunity to provide a more global approach to the curriculum, to positively influence key stakeholders in the institute, including staff and students. Homewood will use the initial staff mobility to send 12 core members of staff on a structured training programme with a well-respected training provider in the area of entrepreneurship, Knowmads (we educate changemakers). The 5 day course will take the 12 staff members through a journey of entrepreneurship in education, providing practical knowhow on creating the 3 critical pillars of the entrepreneurial mindset, creative problem solving, initiative and confidence in leadership. It is critical that the mobility takes place outside of the UK as entrepreneurial thinking is about embracing new elements of your surroundings and learning from new thinking and culture, the diverse and unique Dutch culture will provide the perfect environment for this training programme. It is important that the structured training course is an operational success, therefore the school has spent time and effort in developing a clear methodology to carry out the project from understanding all stakeholders needs and impacts and also a project life-cycle appraisal from preparation to completion. It has also been important to ensure clear agreements with the training partner are in place to enable clear practical arrangements to be put in place during mobility. We envisage that the results received from the structured training course will have a profound effect on the staff on the programme and improve their technical skills in developing entrepreneurial environments in the classroom, as well as providing them with the confidence and ability to deliver more innovative and practical experiences within their chosen fields and the institutional framework as a whole. The impact on our own European Development Plan will be to have the foundations to develop more critical initiatives and mobilities to further strengthen our focus on creating the entrepreneurship in education that the Entrepreneurship 2020 Action Plan has highlighted as critical in the development of a more employable youth across the EU.

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