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Delitev dobrih praks v skavtstvu - mednarodna taborniška izmenjava
Start date: Feb 15, 2015, End date: Oct 14, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The Scouts of Lilijski grič Pesje, will together with the scouts Unite scoute st.Anne Auderghem from Belgium form an international exchange with the title »good praxis in scoutism«. With this project we want to contribute with the development of young people; their socialization; to offer the activities, which would otherwise be unreachable; for them to get to know other cultures and traditions. They will perfect their knowledge of the English language; and in the same way experience holydays as a productive way to spend free time. We want to motivate young leaders for further work with the young and expand their knowledge about nature and leadership. This exchange is a motivational reward for their work in the organization so far. With this we think they will become more self reliant and responsible plus develop as human beings in general. The goals of the project in scoutism are: to find at least 20 good ways of practicing scouts; make a flier or pamphlet of good praxes, for the expansion of the ideas that come to life through communication with one and other; arrange an exchange of minimum of 25 people; motivate the young to make possible at least 10 projects related to the theme and the idea of scoutism, make a extensive video with interviews of the participants; protect and cherish nature with the use of public transport; Sleep 13 days in the wild, with scouts from abroad, to promote Scouts and increase the mobility of young people. Motivate them to sport activities and include at least 15 of them to help develop and finish the exchange and organize a long trip abroad. The youth exchanges will include scouts which are already active participants in their non profit organizations with ages ranging from 15 to 25 years old;15 of them from Slovenia and 13 of them from Belgium. During the project we will execute a number of activities: visit from the mentors, talks and exchanging of ideas between the participants, exchange of people in Slovenia and Belgium. The first to make the exchange will b the Belgian scouts in Slovenia. There will be a number of productive activities cantered mainly on nature and the relationship between nature and us the inhabitants and active parts of nature itself. The first three days we will camp on our own camping ground on Lilijski grič in Pesje, the remainder of the exchange will be spent in our camping ground in Ribno near Bled. At the end of the exchange we will trade places and go and explore Belgium its culture and traditions. In the end we will try to find the common and good practices of scoutism of both fore mentioned countries and make a pamphlet of the practices for the benefit of scoutism on an international level. With the project we want to contribute to increasing the possibilities of employment. The goal of the project is the promotion of scout culture and a constructive thinking of the practice as well as developing the practice itself.

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