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Start date: May 8, 2015, End date: Oct 7, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The project was created on the basis of a long-term cooperation between our organization and children’s homes in the Slovak Republic, Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic. Young people from these homes already know each other from previous meetings and asked our organization to be a coordinator of this year's international youth meeting in the Czech Republic. This event in many ways follows educational and cultural activities of the previous meetings. The aim of the project is to connect and expand mutual personal contacts between young people living in institutional care in many European countries. The primary objective of the project is an appropriate education form in English language. The next objective is to acquaint participants with positive but also negative phenomena in nature, which is an integral part of our lives and is influenced by our behaviour and actions. Particularly, we want to focus in this project on bodies of water, their pollution and protection as necessary resources for life on this planet. Furthermore, this project focuses on knowledge and process of finding suitable job opportunities. It is important to realize that young people from children’s homes are very vulnerable after leaving institutional care and if they are not able to find a job, they often end up in situations, in which it is difficult for them to integrate with society. This project is going to be attended by 60 participants from four European countries. I would like to briefly describe activities in which boys and girls participate during the project. Firstly, there are English language courses which are arranged by five teachers of English from Poland, the Slovak Republic, Hungary and the Czech Republic. We are already preparing English lessons outline for the project. We want to focus on common conversation topics so that participants of the project can understand each other. For this purpose, a projector is also going to be used during the lectures. Furthermore, games and contests are going to be used during the lessons of English. We want the participants themselves to currently edit the schedule of educational project. It is our goal to make English a main language of communication. Lectures on nature conservation are arranged by members and activists from organizations dealing with protection of nature. The lectures are going to be supplemented with an appropriate form of projection in a classroom and enriched with trips, especially to watercourses. Part of this activity is also take photographs of the positive and negative phenomena in nature, which are going to be projected and evaluated by the participants of the meeting. We also count on rich discussions about pollution and conservation of nature. Next important part of the project is also lectures dealing with procedure in securing job opportunities. The lectures are going to be supplemented with filling in forms or questionnaires required during securing a job (Employment Office, Department of Human Resources of employers). We are aware that an appropriate form of communication with a prospective employer and skills of filling in questionnaires are prerequisite for obtaining a job offer. A convenient complement of educational aspect of the project is also cultural performances that are prepared in advance by the project participants themselves. During their projections other participants of the project are also going to be involved. The purpose is to acquaint young people with culture and differences of individual European countries. During the project we also want to visit Prague where our project participants are going to be acquainted with history and sights of our capital city. We are also preparing a visit to the Senate of the Czech Republic where young people are going to learn about its activities. The above mentioned activities reckon with involving all project participants. To make the program more varied, we also include sports activities that are an integral part of summer activities. Organizers of the project will consider a success if the young people from every country learn to communicate in English during the stay. But we are also aware that not all project participants will meet this goal. However, even these participants will be in foreign environment and these experiences will certainly help them after their leaving children’s homes to be knowledgeable in society. The lectures and targeted nature trips that are focused on nature conservation should extend awareness of seriousness of the topic concerning global pollution, especially then watercourses. As we have already been informed, the experience gained at summer stays, which our organization organized in the past, were beneficial for personality development of each of previous participants. We are aware that young people growing up in children’s homes do not have many opportunities to meet their contemporaries internationally. The project also includes meetings with other youth

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