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Start date: Jan 1, 2014, End date: Dec 31, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Taking advantage of previous results achieved by ULTRAGASING (FP7-SME-2011-1), DOSHORMAT intends to optimize and develop two ready-to-market ultrasonic degassing machines for aluminium foundries that represent efficiency solutions for degassing molten aluminium.The degassing technology is one of the main components of quality assurance in casting industry. The quality of any as-cast material depends to a great extent on the amount of defects. One of the main defects in near-net shape casting processes is porosity.Currently used methods of degassing have drawbacks and limitations: involve using mixtures of expensive inert gas, health and environment hazards, strict safety rules, larger investment and maintenance costs, and/or low efficiency.The cavitation melt treatment presents a feasible alternative to current degassing techniques. However, before ULTRAGASSING project, there were not known applications of ultrasound to degas metallic melts on industrial scale and in regular casting processing.ULTRAGASSING has demonstrated the feasibility of using ultrasonic treatment to degas considerable volumes of melt in batch operations (up to 60 kg). This allowed the development of two conceptual prototypes for degassing aluminium alloys. Even though, there are still relevant points that must be improved in order to successfully introduce the machine in the market and exploit new market niches.The aim of DOSHORMAT is to improve and optimize the previous prototypes from ULTRAGASSING, adapting them to all the market needs, by developing one equipment specifically designed for HPDC and Gravity Casting and another for degassing much larger volumes, suitable for LPDC and, in general, for any casting activity.DOSHORMAT will improve the melt quality, reducing the gas content and removing the oxides, highly enhancing the quality and mechanical performance of the components produced (e.g. transport applications), while meeting the present and future environment regulations.

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