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Start date: 01 Jun 2016, End date: 31 May 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The elementary school Jean Jaurès is a public establishment that consists of 420 students which are divided into 17 classes, including one which is dedicated to non-native speakers. This school is situated in Vitry sur Seine - a town listed as a Sensitive Urban Zone and a Violent Zone. However, this school is the only one in the district to not be classed in the Priority Education Network (PEN) because it hasn't been linked to a connection college. All indicators (socio-professional category, retention rates etc.) are nevertheless leaning towards an PEN classification. A support system for children with special education needs (SEN) is available within the school and intervenes daily with students in different stages of education.As a result of this unfavorable situation along with a difficult school environment, we have decided to build on a school project in order to respond to the needs of our school. The main objectives of this project are to help prevent school dropouts and to allow our teachers to train in foreign languages as well as learning new teaching methods and approaches. We also aim to help the students to gain a european culture as well as a good solid base in english, and finally to learn more about new technologies. This project will create a link between the school and the following partners: The City Hall, multimedia library, cinema, the pupil's parents and academic inspection.The participants in this project are five young, full-time teachers involved in primary school teaching. They've agreed to follow the training program provided by SILC (Strengthening of the english language and methodology for school teachers), and to then pass on the knowledge they gain with the rest of the teachers.Below is a description of the different activities that will be carried out:- Excursions (Brighton, United Kingdom)- Creation of the school website- Using a copybook called 'the little european citizen' (primary school level)- Learning songs for the european choir- Playing a film about european culture- Reading sessions at the work library on european culture- A tasting week at european times- Presentation of the choir to the parents and communication via the newsletter and website- Student evaluationsThe application of these different activities should have a big impact on many different levels.Concerning our school, this project will give us a european aspect as well as better visibility. It will also allow us to improve the link between the school and the children's parents. Also, the teachers involved will improve their language and teaching skills which will have a direct benefit on students. We are expecting to see a real impact in the progress and motivation of the students. Having new teaching methods along with the increased use of tools and digital supports will make the lessons more interesting. This project will create, or enhance, a feeling of inclusion for the pupils into the european culture. The teaching team will also be brought together by this innovating project. By the time these different activities begin the school will have developed partnerships with different local participants and will be enrolled in a European Union school network via the eTwinning platform.The communication around this project could also encourage other schools in the area to carry out similar projects themselves. The results will be evaluated in a qualitative and quantitative way during the project - the evaluation methods will vary according to the different activities.In the long term, the benefits of such a project will be the development of knowledge and interest in our future european citizens, so that they gain a common cultural foundation and will be able to then build their professional life on an international level.The implementation of this project, as well as the results that follow, will develop an interdisciplinary approach and the practise of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) so that this then becomes the norm.It will be easier for the school to regularly seek and promote different participants and partners from the town. The teaching team will even be taking on other projects with an objective of considerably improving life at school.
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