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Decentralized communication, the physical or mathematical limitations and the possibilities for several wireless ports communicating with other wireless nodes (DecComm)
Start date: 11 Jun 2009, End date: 10 Jun 2012 PROJECT  FINISHED 

In this fellowship I intend to investigate the performance of a wireless network, with the emphasis on the connection points between the wireless ports and the wireline networks. Provided that wireless signals travel through the air, and thus are received by multiple receptions, where each may be connected to the wireline network or even further to other wireless network, significant benefits in the overall spectral efficiency are foreseen. Information theoretic analysis, along with diverse methods from other disciplines are to be the main tools in this fellowship. We will consider the parallel reception model, at first, from both its ends, while focusing on nomadic assumption, which focuses the analysis on simpler access points, that do not require decoding, only signal processing. We can get both necessary and sufficient results here, where sufficient results indicate the way of action to a network designer, and the necessary conditions quantify the gap of the resulting network to the ultimate performance which are possible in such physical network. Then extension to Gaussian channels, and distributed MIMO algorithms is to be done, by leveraging the previous results. Obtaining such clearer understanding, will enable to tackle the more basic questions which scientists are now facing, when dealing with wireless networks, and specifically, with Ad-Hoc networks. This is to be done as a third objective, where tools from Game theory, Optimization theory and Network coding are to be combined in an elegant way, which will ensure maximal effect on several diverse paradigms. Results here have thus broader impact on wireless networks.
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