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Dealing with conflicts - ECM!
Start date: Sep 1, 2014, End date: Nov 1, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The training course ""Dealing with Conflicts – ECM!"" aims to train youth workers and youth leaders from 9 European Countries to cope with, use and predict conflict situations in the daily work they do, closely related to the increase of their competences, management of their organizations and the management of their activities/ projects. Dealing with conflicts - ECM! will be held in Belgium for 8 working days with the participation of 31 people from Italy, Belgium, Latvia, Romania, Croatia, Sweden, Greece, Malta, Ireland and Turkey. The training will use experimental learning methods such as round-tables, small working groups, team building exercises, role playing and social theatre experience. Context and background Conflict management is steel been seen as a fashion these days in European youth work. Although fashions are hard to explain, in this case it is partly caused by the actuality of all problems occurring in European countries nowadays (racism, violence on the street, …) and around Europe. In many regions of Europe there were and still are various conflicts, at various levels and at various stages (example the current situation in the Krim in Ukraine, but also the ongoing tensions in the Balkan countries for years). It lies in the understanding of so called ‘big conflicts' that most of us came to realize that it is in the small every day things, that holds the potential of conflicts between persons, cultures, religions, etc. Therefore, trainings has been developed in the youth field to tackle and resolve conflicts at various stages of the conflict escalation ladder. All of the participating partners in this project have a organizational and/ or personal history with giving trainings on the issue and dealing with conflicts within organizations and teams or among their work with young people themselves. But even when they witnessed high quality trainings, they missed the coherency of the management of conflicts with the overall management of the organizations and projects. What also came under the attention, was the negative denotation of the word conflict as such. We believe, however, that conflict, used controlled as a method, has proven to be a strong tool in various gatherings, trainings and seminars. The partners in this training therefore want to set up this training, that intends to link the use and resolution of conflicts to the work we do from day to day. In doing so, this training will focus on four perspectives when looking at conflicts; 1. To prevent it 2. To analyze it 3. To resolve it 4. To use and/ or control it It comes from these four angles of looking at it, that we choose the title ‘Dealing with conflicts – ECM!'. The training is about predicting, resolving and using conflict in the various spheres of the organizations, the activities they carry out and the people/youngsters they're working with. The fact that this training will take place in Belgium is an important issue to bring together people from all over Europe. We would like to show that youth workers are overcoming problems on governmental level and that organizations can work and learn from each other no matter where they come from. This eight-day training will bring about an integrated approach to conflict management for people active in national, regional and the larger local youth organizations and structures. It will discuss conflict and the conflict management in a holistic way, meaning that all stages of the conflict will be addressed, starting from the conflict within oneself to the biggest and most uncontrolled way of conflict, namely war. Each of the stages will be tackled in such a way, that the participants will experience somehow the conflict, elaborate on the causes and they will be given tools to control, predict and resolve it. This all will be put in the framework of the management of the organizations you come from. The management of the conflict will be embedded (will be rooted) in the organizations and other realities the participants come from. The aims and objectives of this training are: The aim of this training is to train skills to predict, use and resolve conflicts in all the facets of the management of projects and the organization, to enable organizations to grow deeper and wider and expand their networks, but also for personal growth of the individual participant. - To predict, act, use and resolve conflicts in the everyday management of youth organizations and international activities; - Enable the use or prevention of conflict as a tool for growth and inclusion; - Personal development of the individual participants; - Finding creative ways of conflict resolution; - Building partnerships between the organisations represented; - Contribute to the quality of international youth activities, e.g. in the Erasmus+/Youth in Action programme of the EU; - Develop tools for the development of integrated conflict management
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