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De Vlucht
Start date: May 1, 2015, End date: Oct 1, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Kulturfabrik Löseke (DE) and Prins te Paard (NL) want to organize an Exchange project with young people from Germany and Netherlands around the 70-year-old anniversary of the liberation in 2015 with location theatre as way of working. The occasion was the invitation from KulturFabrik Löseke to play the existing performance ' De Vlucht ' in 2015 on the ' Wallungen ' Festival. Soon the idea arose to a deepening project with young people and through location-based theatre to actively involve them in this issue. The youth project is a self-contained program but connects in themes and discipline to the existing performance. Prins te Paard recreates in the outdoor performance ' De Vluchtt ' the last mission of an Allied bomber pilot from World War II. Eight young people from the Noordoostpolder (NL) and eight young people from Hildesheim (DE) will jointly work on their own performance on location where war stories of (Grand) parents and the theme of ' De Vlucht ' will serve as a source of inspiration. The development of tolerance, solidarity and mutual understanding and to learn from each other's culture are the pillars of the project. The young people live and work together for almost fourteen days, undertake various activities where they gain inspiration around the theme and work toward a joint final presentation that will be presented both in Nagele (NL) and Hildesheim (DE). An Exchange meant to learn from each other and each other's cultural background. It is the first exchange between KulturFabrik Löseke (DE) and Prins te Paard (NL). A youth exchange project with the themes: ' Creativity and culture ', ' Post conflict/post disaster rehabilitation ' and ' Youth (Participation, Youth Work, Youth Policy) ' in the overall theme of the project "De Vlucht".
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