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De Klimaatambassadeurs - uitwisseling
Start date: Feb 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

VZW Stedelijk Jeugdwerk Leuven and Viaje a la sostenibilidad make a parallel analysis: young people (15-20 year olds) from Leuven and Zaragoza care about sustainibility, and want to have an impact and their voices heard, so that schools, businesses and policy do something about the climate problem. From this analysis, we have developed the 'Climate Ambassadors' project. We want to select in each country 12 young people from a diverse background. We want to strengthen them in their role as social influencer. We want to give them access to a big network (people, companies, school, ...). We want to give them skills so that they are taken seriously (communication, cooperation, self-confidence). We want that the international aspect of the project will increase the learning opportunities seriously: from the differences can be exchanged good practices and personal growth can happen by learning intercultural. With these 12 young people in each country we work for 16 months. In Leuven several challenges will be faced and in Zaragoza a training course will be organized. Afterwards, a publication and exhibition will follow. Both organizations want to build a strong partnership, from this project. This project shall be submitted to KA2 partnerships. One of the elements in this project is an international exchange program for young people participating in the project. For that project we make this application. In this international exchange, we want young people (involved in the ‘climate ambassadors’) to meet and exchange, we offer them practical workshops on "becoming a social influencer” and we offer them tools, and will search for personal growth by working and living intensively together and reflect on this. The following items are on the agenda: - Make your own solar oven, cosmetics with natural products, cooking with local products - What is carbon neutral, how do you deal with it yourself, and how can you influence others to deal with it - Living and working together: and from there to reflect on your own frame of reference, talk about it in a group, and personal growth: e.g. by cooking dinner together or make a expedition in nature in mixed groups, we want to make afterwards a good reflection in discussion. - Intercultural encounter: board games of your country, play with peers from another country, international dance, ... After the exchange, and after the 'Climate Ambassadors' project is an exhibition with photos, testimonials and elaborations for secundary schools, and a joint publication in English on the topic. We expect that young people participating in the project will grow as "social influencer 'in the climate issue, we expect our organization to build a long-term partnership, and new projects, and build up a possible new European network for youth and sustainibility.
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