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Start date: Jan 1, 2015, End date: Sep 30, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

De Joven a Joven is a project about young participation that takes place in the city of Huesca and includes other possible scenarios for specific activities: various locations in the Aragonese geography and French towns of Tarbes and Pau. The main objective of the project is to promote the participation of youngsters and approach their concerns, demands and needs in order to provide a coherent response to them. Our organization, Centro de Cultura Popular (CCP), manages the Youth area of our municipality. The activities part of the project are intended to create a link between the youth of Huesca and Municipal Youth Information Office (OMIJ) managed by CCP. Each year we welcome two EVS volunteers in our project. We look for motivated youngsters in our project with a participative profile in their home countries (volunteers in youth, cultural, sportive organizations, and others ¡, youngsters linked to the associative movement, etc). The project includes several activities: - Coordination of the “Puntos Activos” team. We call Puntos Activos to young volunteers that function as correspondents between their schools and associations and OMIJ. With this group of young people we make training, information, promotion, etc. over one academic year. We do this through weekly meetings with them, preparing the weekly info packages (posters, brochures, etc.) to distribute at their centers and associations, and a monthly radio program. - Puntos Activos are part of the "RURAL YOUTH FACILITATORS" network in working with young people in many regions of Aragon. We organize training for youth meetings quarterly. We use tools of non-formal education, group dynamics, recreational activities and small group work. - Promotion of participation of young people in our city is a cross-cutting theme throughout the project both in the activities organized by our organization and collaborating with others, as well as collecting young people interests and accompanying them to implement their own initiatives: concerts, associations, conferences, festivals, etc. - Collaboration in the Municipal Street Education program, supporting educators in specific activities and in our summer camps, again through non-formal education methods. - Collaboration for some cultural events organized by the cultural area of our municipality: festivals, fairs, exhibitions, etc. - Collaboration with municipal play centers, supporting the various activities and festivals - Another task is the distribution of information and promotion of youth activities through our blogs and social networks. - Approaching the students community through, on the one hand, facilitating a weekly meeting in English at a university canteen: "ENGLISH LUNCH", and on the other hand, offering workshops and lectures to bring the EVS action to students and promote Erasmus + program. (Use of power point, prezi, dynamics, etc.) Other activities include daily care of EVS consultations in OMIJ, managing a panel of youth information and collaboration in our youth information newsletters: Young Agenda (weekly) and Summer Youth Guide (annual) seeking information online. The EVS experience is much more than learning from an activity that you come to work in. It is a process of changes, adjustments and continuous learning in a few months, and most of the times, mark the volunteers forever. The amount of new things that they live have to do with all areas of their lifes: their habits, their relationships, their language, their familiar context and comfort zone. For the CCP as an entity is also quite an experience to witness and escort these young people in the process, always being innovative and challenging what they bring to bring to the project, by its nature opened to volunteers suggestions and ideas. Collaborating with new partner organizations opens new opportunities for common projects beyond EVS. In the case of our young users we know that the presence of EVS volunteers generates curiosity, interest and motivation in addition to meaning a way to break down prejudices and stereotypes about people from other countries. Hosting EVS volunteers means for CCP also the extension of our networks, and serve as a "speaker" in our community about the opportunities that Erasmus + offers, being able to reach more and young people that become interested in mobility actions. On the other hand, some of the the volunteers we hosted in the past four years, now they live in Spain and for the rest they continue coming for visiting their friends in Huesca. In some cases we have again collaborated with some of them in organizing youth activities in their countries.
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