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De Frafaldne
Start date: 01 Jan 2014,

The Danish government has the ambition that 95 % of all young people will complete a youth education (ungdomsuddannelse) in the year of 2020. The situation today is that 96 % actually begins, but there is a drop-out rate of 31 %. This is a witness of a huge difference between the ambitions and the reality in the system.The political discussions and public debates are characterized by arguments of numbers, statistics and money, but underneath this numerical logic lays a lot of yet untold personal stories about the education system and the social reality of the youth.With the book project De Frafaldne (The Drop-outs) we want to give these young people the opportunity to tell their stories in a professionally published book.During 90 days in spring 2014, we will take twenty Danish young people from around the country in the age of 15-20 years through an intensive writing and editing process, where they will have the opportunity to write about their personal experiences and causes of their drop-out. The young people will be involved in a process, consisting of 10 workshops and a book publishing event. In this process each of the young participants will have a personal volunteer, who will guide, inspire and encourage to improve both process and product. The twenty volunteers will participate in a weekend where they will be educated in their special mentoring role which consist of both competencies in social issues and concrete editing.The purpose of De Frafaldne is:- to empower, inspire and encourage young people (both the "drop-outs" and the volunteers) through workshops to produce a unique book and create a feeling in the participants of being a part of something political important.- to influence the political debate about the youth education system with case-based evidence about the challenges and difficulties faced by young people.- to create recognizable images of the challenges facing young people in order to support other young people in the same "drop-out" situation.
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