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De España a Europa: mejoramos nuestra formación, mejoramos el futuro de la educación.
Start date: 01 Jun 2016, End date: 31 May 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The Project “ The better our Teacher Training is, The Better Our Students’ Education will be” is the continuation of another one which was created with the strong aim of covering the necessities found in Arzobispo Lozano Secondary School, in relation with the learning of Foreign Languages. An Erasmus +KA1 was designed in 2014 in order to try to solve the methodological problems found in our school and a considerable improvement of our students’ results was achieved with the application of the new learning.However, the present project is a more ambitious project that is cooperative and multidisciplinary, since three departments are involved: French, English and Technologies. It also includes other disciplines such as Art, History and Cinematographic Studies, taking into account that the main objective is to consolidate, go in depth and acquire new approaches and knowledge about the French and British culture, to be later applied in the classroom by using new technologies (eTwinning, Skype, blogger…)Students in our school come mainly from a medium –low socioeconomic background and we have 20% of immigration. Most of our students are not aware of the diversity they are surrounded by, in a more and more globalized world where foreign languages can supply them with new future possibilities in the working world. That is a challenge for today' s education.Therefore this project tries to meet the above mentioned needs, from a European point of view:- To broaden the importance of a European dimension.- To make our students aware of the great multicultural richness around them, encouraging them to be tolerant and respectful.- To improve not only the linguistic competence in English and French, colloquial and formal language, but also the digital one.- To update teachers by focusing on cultural contents such as literature, music, cinema and gastronomy.The actions carried out to achieve these objectives can be summarized as follows:BEFORE:- Creation of a blog where all the details about the organization of the activity will be reflected.- Contact with the hosting institution.WHILE:- Attendance to the lessons and workshops related to the required linguistic and cultural aspects.- Usage of new technologies.- Cultural tours in the target foreign countries as well as the exchange of ideas and experiences with the rest of participants.AFTER:- In the classroom: group work, use of eTwinning, training for the Cambridge and Alliance Française exams.- At school: cultural days, informative seminars about our KA1 experiences, European Day of Languages ...- In Jumilla town: cultural days where other schools could take part.- Europe: Appliance of KA1 and KA2 projects, eTwinning usage…After the experience assessment, the long term results are expected to be very positive at the professional level, as well as the personal one.As Montaigne said, It is better for students to have their heads in the right place instead of full head.Therefore, when a teacher transmits useful contents to be applied in real life, the main aim of education will have been achieved.
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