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DAVID - Review System and Database for Civic, Citizenship and Values Education
Start date: Nov 1, 2011,

DAVID Review System and Database for Citizenship, Civic or Values Education (CCVE) aims at rising interest and endorsement, among diverse education, training and policy actors in the majority of the European countries on CCVE results and responding to the growing demand for quality data in the field.In most of the European countries, public policy made CCVE explicit in the schools’ curricula, but actual evidence on program interventions is scarce. CCVE is thus giving the very first steps and somehow in an unstructured manner. One of the reasons is the difficulty of benchmarking good practices and the access to evidence on reports about related educational results. Therefore, practitioners in CCVE have difficulties in improving their teaching efforts. Also, public policy officials have difficulties in assessing impacts of the CCVE in the schools and impacts in children’s personal and social development. By designing and testing a Review System for Interventions (projects, programs, initiatives, studies, etc.) in CCVE from European countries, aiming to establish a pan-European database of CCVE interventions – reviewed and non-reviewed – DAVID wishes to enhance impact of programmes and projects in the area of CCVE in Europe, especially those developed under EC funding focusing on results achieved by Comenius, Leonardo, Grundtvig and Erasmus sub-programmes and in the fields of education, citizenship and youth, contributing to the sustainability of previous project results, to the exchange of good practices, successful exploitation of these results and feeding policy and pedagogical processes in CCVE related areas. Dividing 34 European countries by 8 partners from EU member states and candidate countries, the project will produce a sustainable methodological and physical (web-based) infrastructure with a prize and certification strategy that will ensure the sustainable use and multiplication of the project outcomes.

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