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DASVENT — Development Of An Accreditation System For Veterinary Nurse Trainers In Europe

The project “DASVENT” will develop an accreditation system for Veterinary Nurse Trainers. This accreditation system will be developed with the help of Vetnnet, a stable European Network of Veterinary Nurse Trainers and Associated Institutes. An existing American Accreditation system will be used as an example, in order to accelerate the process of developing the european system.The system will be o tool for Quality assurance.It will increase the transparency of the European programs and will include self evaluation methods.A committee will be formed who will do visitations at the instituts that wish to become accreditated and who will give recommendations regarding the accreditation. The committee will be formed by Vetnnet in cooperation with European Veterinary and Veterinary Nurse organisations, as well as qualified bodies.To facilitate the accreditation system a syllabus of European Competences will be developed.After the project has ended, the accredidation board and the visitation committee will continue to exist as well as the accreditation system.Partner colleges who have received accreditation will have to remain accredited by repeated visitations and self evaluations over the years. Other colleges who have not been involved in the project will be invited to apply for accredidation, through the European networks “Vetnnet” and “Europea” or through internet. The costs of the accreditation will be carried by the individual colleges. They will pay a yearly fee that will cover the administration costs, the costs forr the visitation committee and the costs for the accreditation board.
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