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Start date: May 1, 2016, End date: Jul 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

To enhance the motivation of young people towards education and job creation, the project „Darkness of Addiction is Vanishing (DADIV) aims to tackle the two most prominent problems among youth today: Internet and substance addiction. Main consequences of the problems are that youth affected leave education and cannot find jobs so the problem becomes greater in a social and economic European context ( focuses on helping youth to prevent, avoid, solve and overcome these abuses by creating awareness towards Internet and substance addiction through healthy lifestyle and cultural exchanges, which according to EU survey are the top measures among young people as the most effective ways to reduce addiction and abuse.In many cases, these two abuses/addictions are related among youth. Avarage EU consumption of „legal highs“ among young people (15-24 years) has increased from 5% in 2011 to 8% in 2014 ( And even though the Internet allows us to be more productive in many ways, excessive use of the Internet can significantly interfere with functioning in other areas of life such as relationships, education, work, physical health and emotional well-being.DADIV is a one year project, including four youth groups, including youngs majoring in various subjects such as sociology, education, health and IT, with total of 56 mobilities from four European countries: Sweden, Iceland, Turkey and Italy, supported by two group leaders from each country. As Iceland boosts the lowest level of substance abuse in Europe after taking prevention measures, the youth groups aims to share and develop the Icelandic model within the DADIV project and to a wider Europe. ( Apart from A1 Advance Planning Visit in Sweden, DADIV will have two activities, A2 in Sweden with the focus on Internet addiction and A3 in Italy with the focus on substance addiction.DADIV‘s objectives are:- To enhance transition of teenagers from addiction to the real world through healthy lifestyle and cultural exchanges.- To build tolerance and self-confidence in young people to become decision makers and practioners in their own lives and communities.- To bring disadvantaged young people into advantageous position and communities.- To promote the use of ICT tools in order to ensure that young people can show their talent.-To create an awareness of multiliguaism and EU citizenship among youth. Our methodology is a peer-to-peer informal educative approach and involves:- Training on Apps and on Video tools such as Movie Maker. The Turkish youth group, who has the knowledge in apps and media, will be the ones creating the two mobile apps, which will focus on Internet and substance addiction, and training their peers, raising motivation and entrepreneurial skills in them at the same time. (Resp: Turkey).- Creating a digital network where the youth involved, supported by experts and group leaders, will share and research about the situation of Internet and substance addiction in each participating country so common problems and differences will be analyzed and discussed. (Resp: All groups).- Writing surveys on Internet and substance addiction with 10-15 questions to be addressed to at least 100 youth, males and females aged 16-21, in each country. Results will be analyzed before A2 and A3 will take place. (All groups).-Creating videos on culture and social problems youth faces and how it leads them to addiction. The videos will be created in each country before A2 and A3 will take place and presented during A2 and A3 activities. (Resp: All groups).- Writing guidelines in English in the form of a digital handbook on Internet and drug addiction, with measures to overcome addiction. Guidelines on Internet addiction will be prepared and published during A2 (Resp: Sweden) and on substance addiction during A3 (Resp:Italy).-Preparing and presenting two theme based theatre plays during A2 (Resp: Sweden) and during A3 (Resp: Italy).-Presenting of quiz-contest on culture and general knowledge among participants (Resp: Iceland).-Preparing and publizising of two newsletters during A2 and A3. (Resp: Iceland).-Presentation on EU culture and EU citizenship. (Resp:Sweden)-Presentation on the Erasmus+ programme. (Resp: Turkey)DADIV will improve youth‘s social, multicultural and practical skills and will develop a greater knowledge of specific topics such as ICT skills as added value, web based information, territorial mapping, digital marketing, project management and so forth. However, the main inspiration of the young people is to create an awareness and help their peers to get rid of addiction abuse, discover healthy lifestyle, different cultures and a desire to promote their own cultures
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