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Dare to dream - Into the world. Competences for life.
Start date: Jun 1, 2016, End date: Jan 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The EU Youth Report 2015 has indicated that the current generation of youth is the best educated ever. 1 in 3 Europeans (between 30-34 years) has a tertiary education degree while 82% of youth (between 20-24 years) have completed upper secondary education. At the same time, youth show promising achievements in social and civic engagement. 1 in 4 youth has been a volunteer and 50% of youth are active in organization, club or association. This indicates the tremendous POTENTIAL that youthe have and the amount of things that can be achieved by putting all these in practice. Yet, REALITY shows that 13,7 millions of youth (between 15 and 29 years) remain out of employment, education or training. This illustrates a significant contrast between the POTENTIAL and the REALITY and moreover, the block, the obstacle which remains between the potential and the practice. Previously, youth work has focused in developing the potential, the competences and the capacities of young people. European Commission has put forward dozens of programmes that invest in young people, reinforce their education (formal, non-formal and informal learning), boost their employment and encourage their mobility. Nowadays though, a new need arises; the need TO MAKE THE POTENTIAL A REALITY. This means that we already have competent young people, so we need to start transferring the competences into practice, moving from the place of acquiring to the place of applying, implementing and achieving. It is time to support youth in order to “DARE TO DREAM AND GET INTO THE WORLD”.Youth workers can play a key role in supporting young people to unlock and apply their potential. As described by the EC “Youth work develops the life management and social skills of young people which assists their transition to the labour market”. Practicing youth work ourselves, we know very well that youth work does not only support young people in entering labour market, but also in achieving personal development and social change! In an attempt to move from the place of competences/potential to the place of practice, there are 2 steps that need to be undertaken3. Youth need to be supported to realize the competences they have and find ways to put them into practice, to apply them in real life for their personal and professional development.4. Youth need to embrace a purpose in life, a direction that will guide them and through which the application of the competences can have a meaning and significance. Embracing a purpose in life is particularly important element, since without a meaningful direction the application of the competences can dangerously fail In this context, the project “Dare to dream - Into the world. Competences for life” has been developed. The project aims exactly to reach its title; to enhance the competences of the youth workers so that they support youth to exploit their competences for personal, professional and social growth in a meaningful and purposeful way.The objectives of the project are for youth workers1. to gain knowledge related to the transferability of informal and non-formal learning into competences2. to develop understanding why a purpose in life is important especially for youth3. to enhance their skills in guiding the youth to apply their competences in meaningful and purposeful way 4. to increase their motivation in supporting youth to use their competences (professionally and personally)5. to develop a personal follow-up plan to use with the youth they work withThe project has one activity, a training course which will take place in Amiantos, Cyprus and will involve 24 youth workers from the following countries: Cyprus, Italy, France, Estonia, Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland, Portugal and Czech Republic. It will take place between 20-28 November 2016. The training will be based on the elements of experiential learning, self-directed learning and non-formal education (NFE). The project will include these results: - increased competences of the youth workers directly involved in the project- video with information and key elements of the project - articles outlining the importance of transferring the competences into practice and the purpose in life. The project also foresees 1 workshop to youth with fewer opportunities in the local community of the partners and knowledge transfer meetings to the partners and other NGOs. All these, together with the dissemination activities will cause a great impact on partner organizations enhancing their capacities on new topics as well as their potential to work more professionally on European level. The project will benefits youth from the local communities of all partners who will be able to realize their competences and put them in practice for achieving a personal, professional and social development in a meaningful and purposeful way. Last, the project will lead to key changes in youth work, illuminating ways of applying the competences of youth in real life
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