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Dare to care, BE an ethical citizen!
Start date: May 1, 2015, End date: Dec 31, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

"Dare to care, BE an ethical citizen!" was a youth exchange mobility project that took place in Timisoara, Romania from 6th to 13th of September 2015 (including the arrival and departure days).The youth exchange project gathered 25 young people and 7 group leaders coming from 6 European countries: Babel Education, from Romania which was the host organization; ProAtlântico - Associação Juvenil from Portugal, Klub studentu, rodicu a pratel Cyrilometodejskeho gymnazia v Prostejove from Czech Republic; NuovaRicercaAgenziaRes coop soc ar.l. ONLUS from Italy; The Starry Start of Talents Foundation from Bulgaria; HUMANA PEOPLE TO PEOPLE IN LATVIA from Latvia. The 25 young people participants attending this youth exchange were aged between 15-18 years old and coming from both rural and urban backgrounds. The aim of the youth exchange was to shape 25 young people's behavior coming from Romania, Portugal, Latvia, Italy, Czech Republic and Bulgaria to live embracing the principles of ethical consumption. The goals of the project were: 1. To increase the knowledge of 25 young people coming from 6 countries regarding ethical consumption. 2. To develop practical skills and abilities of 25 young people coming from 6 countries regarding ethical consumption. 3. To develop a proactive attitude of 25 young people coming from 6 countries towards ethical consumption. During the 6 days of the youth exchange mobility the participants wer actively involved in the process of a research about the social, environmental, political and economical aspects of ethical consumption which resulted in a brochure, "Dare to care, Tips and tricks to be an ethical citizen" and in a flyer "Did you know that". They also visited C.R.I.E.S. NGO and experience the Living Library non-formal method of education with the members and the volunteers of the association and they also visited the Pasmatex fabrics factory in order to evaluate the work conditions and the tasks of the workers from a factory. They were involved in a creative writing activity and had the chance to activate their proactivity and write, each participant from 5 to 10 letters to students from the university campus and then handing them the letter with an appropriate advice for becoming more sustainable consumers. Their skills and abilities were valued and developed during the activity of creating 5 social media campaigns making use of non-formal methods of education such as: storytelling, creative writing, filming, editing pictures. They were also responsible for making the 5 social media campaign viral on internet. Their will of proactivity and abilities was shown also while organizing the Clothes Swapping party and participating to the World Cafe where they met young people their age and together have discussed about finding solutions and concrete activities that can be done for making the world a more sustainable and ethical one. Also during the World Cafe event, Televiziunea Timișoara came and took some shots and interviewed 5 of our participants and the coordinator of the project. The impact of the youth exchange strengthened its result, the 25 young people are now more aware of the benefits of the ethical consumptions principles and have an ethical behaviour that enable them to be active in their communities because they are well prepared for making a change. They also organized a "Dare to care week" where they appllyed the activities they have found within the World Cafe, they organized a clothes swapping party and boycoted the unfair trades by not shopping for one week and convincing other to do the same. The 25 young people coming from 6 different countries developed throughout the project an ethical behaviour, they are now active citizens in their communities and they live in a way that embrace the ethical principals.

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