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Dare To Act– Training Course on Peace Building and Non Violence Actions
Start date: May 1, 2016, End date: Jul 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The background of the project is constituted by existing regional conflicts in Europe and the increasing tensions within many EU and Eastern European countries in regards to nationalism, racism and ethnocentrism, as well as hatred towards migrants, territorial dispute. The project will cover different types of conflicts and in different settings and consequently ways of transforming conflicts by non-violent actions. The emphasize is placed on fostering a constructive debate on recent conflicts in Europe and cooperation in the youth field. This is done by promoting non-violent approaches leading to actions on peace-building. Moreover, youth workers and young leaders will discuss the significant role of youth participation in grass-root peace-building initiatives.Viewing the recent frozen and hot conflicts at the eastern border of Europe conflict management and peace building are obviously among the most important issues also among young people. In Western Europe racism, xenophobia and racial discrimination are increasing not only in traditional immigration countries like Germany, Turkey but all across Europe which is displayed by the examples of national populism in Ukraine, as well as tension between Russian and Georgia and Ukraine, Charlie Hebdo caricatures in France.All the above stated illustrates the importance of youth work in the areas of peace building, conflict transformation, human rights education and anti-discrimination.As a result, the projects aims to develop new initiatives and strategies for youth inclusion and active involvement of young people in projects dealing with conflicts on international, national and local level. Young people are playing a major role in the solution of existing conflicts and tensions between communities, and can take a leading function in promoting peace, establishing links between the conflict parties, and turning hidden and frozen conflicts into constructive dialogue by applying innovative methods all across Europe. The project Act for Peace – Training Course on Peace Building and Non Violence Actions includes 2 main stages: the training course and the seminar. The first one will take place in Georgia near Tblisi, secons one in Germany in the Youth Educational Centre Berchum in Hagen in the western part of Germany. 15 groups will participate in the TC besides Georgia and Germany: 2 groups form the Russsian Federation, 2 groups from Poland, groups from Estonia, Moldova, Ukraine, Romenia, Spain, Greece, Turkey, from the Czech Republi and from Spain. From the number of participating groups you can easily see how important this issue is for young people in all parts of Europe.Moreover, the project aims to develop new initiatives and strategies for youth inclusion and active involvement of young people in projects dealing with conflicts at international, national and local level. This project is dedicated to the promotion of non-violent actions and the development of peace initiatives. The project will gather young people from European countries that are facing some hidden and/or visible internal and external disputes and conflicts or have faced direct or indirect violence.The project aims to bring together youth organizations from all over Europe. "East West East Germany" has set itself the goal of bringing people from Western and Eastern Europe in connection.The trainers and invited experts will share practical and theoretical knowledge on the topics, through plenary sessions, discussions, workshops, creativity sessions, intercultural & interactive exercises and other non-formal educational methods. Essential throughout the TC and the seminar is the input and experience sharing from participants.
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