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Darbuotojų įgūdžių tobulinimas
Start date: 01 Jul 2016, End date: 30 Jun 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The project "Employees skills improvement“ we want to achieve as trainers and staff involved in the vocational training process. The organization must respect the students' ethnic, security, social differences, they must know how vocational education system integrate students with a different native language, nationality, religijon, them vocational an learning process . Students with different national identities in Lithuania is often face difficulties of integration into society and social exclusion. The project aims - to improve workers active in vocational education and training (VET teachers, staff responsible for the vocational training process organization), competence development of multiple cultures, while respecting their social, cultural, linguistic and ethical identity and assess the home environment the role of family values differences in dealing with students and their parents. The number of participants - 18 Vocational Education and Training (VET teachers, administrative staff responsible for the educational process organization) of VsI Daugų TVM, AVM Vilnius, Klaipeda TVM. During this project, the participants will go to work monitoring visits to Germany, Spain and Italy vocational training institutions. The participants work observation visits, the participants will get acquainted with the working methods and styles as different culture, religion and language children are integrated in the vocational training environment. The project implementation and management process will participate VsI Daugu TVM project team, AVM Vilnius, Klaipeda TVM and foreign partner organizations to appoint a project coordinator. The project results will be: 1. Improved 18 (eighteen) VsI Daugu TVM, AVM Vilnius, Klaipeda TVM staff of professional, pedagogical knowledge and skills in integrating different religion, language, culture and so on. The students in the vocational education system. 2. It will be organized in each school methodical event - a discussion in which the school community will be shared best practices in place during the placement. They will be presented in Italian, Spanish and German countries experience integrating different cultural, religious, social environment of students in vocational education and training system. They will prepare presentation, shared visual material (when visits will be allowed to film) as an integrated pupils recommendations (2-3) in each country to integrate vocational training students from different backgrounds and cultures. The project participants have brought back the good experience of foreign countries, organized educational events - discussion will allow the school community to learn how teach children with a different language, culture, values and so on. The project involved in vocational education and training professionals will share lessons learned with colleagues, so good experience of foreign countries in their work and be able to adapt the project to attend vocational training specialists.
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