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Darbo praktika užsienio įmonėse/profesinio mokymo institucijose
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

„To ensure the quality of vocational training with the aim of making attractive the sectoral practical training to the independent young people being responsible for generating their future state " is the main objective included into 2014/2016 strategic activity plan of Vilnius Vocational Training Centre for Service Business Specialists. The quality of the vocational training depends greatly on the quality of practical training where the latter depends on the teachers‘ education/qualification/practical skills as well as on students‘final practice organizing activities. Recently,matching the curriculum two thirds of the total subject teaching hours for the vocational subjects are provided. The modern teaching environment to obtain the basic professional skills and knowledge is created in VVTCSBS. It gives the possibility both,for the students and the teachers to use the modern equipment during their tutorials. However, there are problems while organizing the final students‘ practice. Having the chance to do their practice abroad, the professional skills, competence and personal character traits are better developped what is needed for successful integration into the labour exchange. The Centre‘s social partners keep highlighting the fact, that ability to adapt to a new environment, to communicate as well as to work in a team is of no less importance than having professional competence. Usually, in Lithuania the work places for the final practice is looked for by the students themselves. And they meet problems. It is also the same situation with the developing teachers competence. Consequently, we hope to improve this situation using Erasmus+ program possibilities, to enlarge the number of students and teachers to have their practice abroad. Teachers having the chance to obtain new knowledge and practical skills will be able to renew the teaching program content as well as service sectors will be complemented by properly trained specialists. Moreover, the knowledge and the skills gained by teachers and students allow them to compare the Lithuania‘s practical vocational training and its implementation with the situation in other countries, as well as adopting foreign partners best practices and improving the quality of vocational training in VVTCSBS. It also helps to increase awareness of the Centre in the international market, and it is the most effective way to develop the school's attractiveness and internationalism. The Project Objective: to enable both, students and teachers to obtain international professional experience and practical skills what ensure the quality of practical teaching. The Project Target Group: 30 final course students of Hairdresser, Photographer, Hygienic Cosmetician, Ceremony and Event Planner training programs, who held internships in Latvia, the United Kingdom, Macedonia, Turkey, and trainers (2 teachers), employed in Interior Decorator and Advertising Producer training programs. Students a part of their final practice (3 weeks) perform in a foreign country at practical training workshops (a part of practice time in the company) or a full time internship work in the company. Expected Result: practice abroad will allow students to improve their professional work skills, to get to know another culture and gain experience in intercultural communication, to improve their foreign language skills, to evaluate their competencies, to get to know themselves and strengthen their confidence. Vocational teachers for a week will deepen their knowledge and practical skills in Finland. The acquired competence by the participants will be assessed and recognized. They will receive the Europass Mobility document. Brought back both, the competence and skills as well as training materials will be to evaluated by the VVTCSBS methodology groups. The students probation period will be counted as a part of the completed final practice, and the teachers will be credeted as having developed their competence. The Project activities will be continuously published on the center's website ( Back at home the lessons learned and the experience gained will be presented by the participants to the center of the community, peers and teachers. Methodological materials will be developed and seminars/worksshops on the subjects about new revival of the ancient surface decoration and a variety of materials simulation technology will be organized by the teachers for the republic teachers and social partners. During professions of the week / day time periods the project itself and its results will be presented both, to the pupils and the teachers of the mainstream schools as well as to social partners too.

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