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Danube Networkers

The partnership "Danube Networkers" aimed at creating through joint activities an intercultural network of older adults from the Danube countries AT, BG, DE, HU, RO, SK. U3A at Zagreb, HR, had joined as associated partner in 2009.In the participating organisations, seniors’ groups worked in the way of activating seniors' education on jointly selected themes about the river Danube. Through texts and images they documented their personal relationship to the river and also the importance of this river for their country. Historical, cultural and geographic aspects were examined and presented in a creative way in a specially designed database of the project website that currently holds 216 data. The subjects selected and worked on by the older participants were “Bridges” – real and metaphoric, “Interviews” in text and video withpersons whose lives are connected with the river, “Natural monuments” - 7 per partner group and 49 in all, presented in the form of clickable map and in poster exhibitions. Computer and Internet application were trained and practically applied– e.g. writing for the web, web-based tools for cross-national communication, online translation tools. Texts were translated into the common languages DE and/or EN. Project meetings in Sofia, Pitesti, Vienna and Ulm/Bad Urach laid basis to personal exchanges and networking. The last meeting in Germany included a visit of the European Parliament in Strasbourg with 2-hour discussion with 3 MEPs.The project’s processes and products are presented in the project website and DVD and a brochure.
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