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Dance your heritage!
Start date: Apr 1, 2015, End date: Jan 1, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Context: Project Dance your heritage! is focused on culture education and raising the awareness of culture heritage. Human society is currently experiencing a spiritual and moral crisis. The most significant is the problem of cultural and moral education - is the growth of the negative trends among young people, increasing the number of drug addicts, young alcoholics and other deviation forms of behavior. This situation is a reflection of the changes that have taken place in the public consciousness and state’s policy. Society lost moral and spiritual ideals. There were minimized spiritual and moral learning and educational functions of the current system of education. As a result of this - the set of values, inherent in the mass consciousness, (including youth) is largely destructive in terms of the development of the individuality, the family and the state. Low self-esteem and a lack of national pride youth generate make passive behavior in social and public life, problems of unemployment, low mobility and high dissatisfaction of the state. Problems of education of youth need to be solved urgently. A lot of positive things can be taken from the previous generations. Circumstances suggest that it is necessary to reconsider experience in the field of spiritual and moral education of the young generation, to attach it to the current conditions, thus reviving the traditions of the nation. Aims and objectives: • To preserve and enhance the cultural heritage of European citizens • To learn more about other European cultures and to promote European citizenship • To exchange of experience about the methods of promotion the awareness on the cultural heritage in different countries • To discover the intercultural richness through interactive methods • To create a network between the participants, to give them the opportunity to express their creativity • To underline the role of dancing and promote the importance of dancing in youth society Participants: 20 young people in the age of 16-20 from three countries took part in the project. There are people interested in culture/history/urban development and in the topic of dances, motivated to participate actively in the youth exchange as well as stay active after the exchange and develop concrete activities on local level with the support of sending organization Activities: During the exchange, the activities comprise of workshops, group discussions, interactive presentations, games, outdoor activities, hands-on sessions, national evenings, city quest, urban flash-mob abd final dance performance. A typical day during the exchange starts with breakfast after which the participants have a short morning energizer, each day prepared in different style. This bring good energy and positive feeling to start the daily activities. Then there are the morning art workshopes, presentations or discussion, followed by lunch. The afternoon activities are a follow-up of the morning ones or have a connected subject, involved craft sessions or workshops. In the evenings, the participants were encouraged to work together in their national teams with the support of their national leader to prepare and present their dishes and food, and teach their national dance. Exchange finished with city quest, outdoor flash-mob, dance performance and photo exhibition. Metodology: During the youth exchange main pillars of non-formal and intercultural learning as well as outdoor learning through different group and individual activities would be used. Since the main project idea is to emphasize youth role in sustainable development of their communities and to show the idea of youth’s contribution to it through a creative action this will encourage youth activity and stimulate youth interest towards the cultural development. Main approaches: experiential learning, intercultural learning, active participation, creativeness and group dynamics. Methods: -tasks containing learning; -city quest and urban flashmob (practical exercises, team work) -work in international groups and projects development; -theoretical inputs and plenary presentations; -action planning and implementing; -group and individual evaluations; -creative workshops, workshops on dancing and creative performance; -intercultural learning through daily international environment. Result: After the project the participants became aware of such values as active citizenship, cultural diversity, volunteering, exchanging ideas and impressions, learning and promoting values, principles and ideas from different corners of the Europe, intercultural learning, promoting tolerance and understanding of diversity. We would also like to motivate youngsters to organize their own projects to spread the consciousness of their culture heritage through the young people in each local commmunity.
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