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Dance for Peace
Start date: Aug 1, 2015, End date: Jan 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The youth exchange project Dance for Peace objective is to provide platform for young people from different countries with different experiences to express their vision and attitude regards peace and tolerance using creative methods like dance, art and music. Project promoted non-formal learning principles providing young people possibility to work together on their ideas, take initiative, responsibilities and develop their competences. Project gave chance for youngsters to experience intercultural learning and be heard by other youngsters and local community. Participants developed skills to work together in international team,to take own initiative, responsibilities, decisions and turn their ideas into action. The project promoted young people understanding that active citizenship and youth initiative can be expressed in different ways with different methods. The project coordinator is Pozitiva Doma (Latvia) and partner organizations Community Center “Zacisze” (Poland), AYUNTAMIENTO DE MARACENA (Spain) and Viksjoforsbaletten (Sweden). In September and October 2015 there were 2 activities planned in the project: A1 Advance Planning Visit ( participated1 group leader and 1 youngster from each project country). The methods used in activities were non-formal learning methods: ice-breakers, get to know each other activities, presentation, discussion, brain storm and visit the sights important for youth exchange. A2 Youth Exchange (participated 1 group leader (from Latvia 2 group leaders) and 9 youngsters age 13 to 19 from each project country). There were used non-formal learning methods: ice-breakers, get to know each other activities, name games, group/team building activities, creative activities, creative workshops: dance, music, art, video making, digital story making, discussion, work in groups, brain storm, performing, visits. The results of the project are: 1. Video of Event with aim to reflect how diverse young people can express their vision and attitude about important values and issues like Peace and Tolerance. 2. Toolkit of creative methods used during the youth exchange to reflect how young people can express their vision and attitude about important issues like peace and tolerance using such methods like dance, art, and music. 3. Four digital stories created of participants. The aim of stories is to look back of the project achievements and results by youngsters eyes. During the project participants improved their skills, knowledge and attitudes . They enlarged their horizons regards other cultures, expression of own vision, attitude, and ideas in creative way using language of dance, art and music. Group leaders improved their capacity to lead the group, activities and cooperate in international team and partner organizations had chance to work closely together for creating and implementing common project following all quality standards defined in programme Erasmus+. This project experience initiate other youth exchange projects in cooperation with these and other organizations. Local youngsters who participated in project activities met young people from other countries and became more brave and encouraged to participate in youth exchanges in other countries. Project was great opportunity for them to meet foreigners in their local environment to communicate in English and take part in common activities. This experience broke stereotypes that young people in other countries are different. We distributed project results which give possibility to wider society in different countries to learn more about project and participants achievements and give great example how youngsters can be active and give their voice in different ways. The toolkit of creative methods for youth active participation can be helpful material for youth workers and youth leaders. Jauniešu apmaiņas projekta „Dance for Peace” mērķis bija nodrošināt iespēju jauniešiem, no dažādām valstīm ar dažādām pieredzēm izteikt savu redzējumu un attieksmi pret mieru un toleranci, izmantojot radošas metodes tādas kā deja, māksla un mūzika. Projekts veicināja neformālās mācīšanās principus, sniedzot jauniešiem iespēju strādāt kopā pie savām idejām, uzņemties iniciatīvu un atbildību un attīstīt savas kompetences. Projekts jauniešiem sniedza iespēju piedzīvot starpkultūru mācīšanos un būt sadzirdētiem starp citiem jauniešiem un vietējā sabiedrībā. Jaunieši attīstīja prasmes strādāt kopā starptautiskā komandā, uzņemties iniciatīvu, atbildību, lēmumus un īstenot savas idejas. Projekts veicināja jauniešu izpratni, ka aktīva pilsonība un jauniešu iniciatīva var būt izteikta dažādos veidos ar dažādām metodēm.
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