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Start date: May 2, 2016, End date: Jul 1, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The project DANCE FOR LIFE, brings together between 15 September-2 October 2016 in Busteni, Romania, 49 creative young people, from France, Italy, Turkey, Slovenia, Poland, Hungary, Romania, to deepen and promote the human rights and fundamental freedoms through Arts Workshops: Dance, Film, Acting, Music, Multimedia. During the 15 days of activities, the participants will create a film to promote the human rights and to encourage the active citizenship and solidarity of young people through the arts, with dance moments and characters involved in limit situations for which the participants, actors and writers, will find the best solutions. Also, the participants will perform a Flash Mob to promote the human rights, peace and tolerance, on September 24, 2016, in Brasov. The problem that the project addresses is the poor knowledge and poor promotion of the human rights at the European and international level among young people, especially through the arts.In the international context of violence, radical opinions, social and inter-religious conflicts, the arts, as dance, film, music, represent a way of expression of ideas of young people, but also a powerful instrument with impact in promoting peace, tolerance, human rights and harmony among young people.Project goal: Developing the young people's competences to promote the human rights and fundamental freedoms, through the performing arts.Objectives of the project:1. To familiarize the 49 young participantis from the 7 Programme Countries with the human rights and fundamental freedoms in a creative way and deepening the theme by art creations of film, dance, music, flashmob, during 15 days, in Busteni, Romania2. To develop artistic skills of film, dance, acting, creation of texts, music, multimedia, for transmitting to the young people positive messages of tolerance and peace and promoting human rights through the arts, for 49 young people from 7 Programme Countries, during 15 days, in Busteni, Romania.3. Realising the "Dance for Life" film on human rights topic, that contains dance moments and choreography, by 49 participants from 7 programme countries, certifying the skills acquired in 15 days, in Busteni, Romania4. To develop active citizenship, interculturality, solidarity, European citizenship and initiative of 49 young people by promoting the human rights by different creative ways as intercultural film, dance, flashmob, music, texts, during 15 days, in Romania.5. The development of the English language skills, especially in film and human rights topic, of 49 young people in 15 days, in Romania6. Improving the attractiveness, impact, visibility and international dimension of the seven youth organizations from Romania, Italy, France, Slovenia, Poland, Hungary, Turkey, through cooperation and creation of a film, during 15 days in Romania, that promote human rights among young people at local and international levels.The final movie DANCE FOR LIFE will be promoted in all 7 participating countries and internationally, strengthening the international capacity and impact of youth partner organizations, promoting among young people the human rights and fundamental freedoms.

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