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Dance 4 Life
Start date: Aug 10, 2009,

The youth exchange "Dance 4 Life" will be focused on youngsters age 18-25 coming from different social, political, religious backgrounds, and part of the EU family (Romania, Italy) and non -EU countries (Macedonia, Serbia). During 9 days they will use dance as a sport and culture for itself. The participants will not only explore the ways of dancing and types of music; but will also work on their personal relation to this specific sport and to the other young people; their own place in the society and the level of their social activism. Through using non-formal methods of learning we will motivate the participants to raise ideas of diversity of cultures, to develop intercultural learning and promote intercultural dialogue in order to fight intolerance, and discrimination.It will encourage establishment of contacts and relationships between the youngsters' active in the youth field; and at the same time will promote cooperation in the youth field. Through the exchange we will encourage the creativity of the youngsters interested in dancing and music and will make the final result - street performance that will include dancing and music show. The project will also promote intercultural learning and recognizing different cultures.
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