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Dailidės specialybės praktinio mokymo kokybės gerinimas ir pritaikymas tarptautinei darbo rinkai
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

School of Craftsmanship “Sodžiaus meistrai“aims to implement the project „The improvement of practical teaching quality of Carpenter specialty and its adaptation to the international labor market“. It is expected that the project would enable the school to develop cooperation with the Danish vocational school „Københavns Tekniske Skole“. Such cooperation would expand the horizons of our school useful to prepare new specialists for the modern labor market. The demands of current labor market dictate the conditions for vocational schools to be more modern, seek perfection, promote teachers to raise their qualifications, update the content of teaching. It is evident that for students, who are learning crafts, is useful to practice not only in Lithuania, but also abroad. This way of learning lets for young people to expand their outlooks, develops the skills of cooperation with different people, increases their motivation for learning. School of Craftsmanship set the main objectives for this project due to the mentioned factors above. There are the main objectives of the project: 1) To develop professional competencies of students’ during practice time in Denmark; 2) To broaden students’ cultural, social outlook and ability to work in an international team; 3) To motivate young people to learn and strengthen their English skills; 4) To promote teachers of Carpentry specialty to raise their qualification in Denmark; 5) To update the content of Carpentry specialties training program, based on the Danish experience. The duration of the project is scheduled from 1st June, 2015 till 1st June, 2017. The project will involve 22 participants: 20 of them will be students and 2 of them will be teachers. There are expected two activities for participants of the project: the practice in vocational training center for students and personnel practice/performance monitoring for teachers. There will be participating 10 students and one teacher each year of the project. It is planned that each group will spend 14 days in Denmark. Accompanying person will travel with students too. It is expected that the project will involve second-year students of Carpentry specialty. These students will have the basic theoretical and practical knowledge already needed to absorb new skills during practice time in Denmark. One teacher of our school is working since 2008 and the other one – since 2014. These teachers are true experts in their craft, but they lack the pedagogical knowledge on teaching methodologies for modern young people. There are already covered persons, who will be responsible to carry out the control of the project in order to ensure the smooth progress. The project manager will implement the preparatory activities of the project, will cooperate with the partner. The deputy headmaster will be responsible for the administrative documentation. The director of the school will monitor the progress of the project, because she has a long experience in international youth exchange projects. The project will have benefits for students, teachers and for the school too. Students will improve the following competences: performance of manual woodworking operations, working with portable electric power tools and mechanized woodworking equipment, reading the drawings of panel and frame building constructions, installation of structure of wooden roofs. Moreover, they will improve communication skills by working in an international team, amend English language skills, and broaden their cultural and social outlook, which is very useful for personal development. Participation in the international project will provide self confidence for participants, also increase their motivation for learning. Such kind of the effect is very important for young people originating from socially vulnerable families. They frequently do not get positive examples how to develop their future professional and personal life. Teachers will improve these professional competencies: the planning and development of 3 subjects’ contents (Layouts of Connectors; Construction of frame and panel houses; Structures’ of roofs’), the development of environmental education which meets the needs of young people nowadays, the ways of motivation and support for students. Furthermore, the teachers will deepen their knowledge of English language and strengthen their cooperation with teachers of international schools, expand their cultural outlook. There will be updated training content of Carpentry specialty depending on gained experience through the project in the school. The school aims to adapt practice bases using Danish example in order to create space for each student to develop independence and creativity at the workplace. This impact of the project will allow for the school “Sodžiaus meistrai” preparing professionals who will fully meet the needs of labor market. This will ensure the permanent improvement of our school.
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