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Dahil Ol, Fark Yarat - Be Included, Creating a Diversity
Start date: May 15, 2011,

The Project will be carried out by Ankara MCD Youth Club. This Project is for youth’s participation to the social life, acculturation with cultural and artistic activities; reaching the youngsters with limited opportunity by developing a method and tool; reaching the high school and university youngsters by making visual media design, web site, web block, short films and by means of social media; popularizing and sharing youth study, volunteering opportunity and youth opportunity. Because of the 2011 European Volunteering Year and by means of popularizing the youth opportunity, increasing the volunteering studies and attendance of youngsters are other aims. Doing new projects and getting into new partnerships with the organizations that dealing with Youth informing are our aims as well. The activities for volunteers will go on for 12 months. 4 young volunteers from Germany, Italy, England and Portuguese will participate in the project. The volunteers, in the scope of Eurodesk, will take part in youth informing studies, education seminars and courses in high schools and universities, advertisement stands. They will join the studies of forming new partnerships and doing new projects with institutions and organizations working as a part of EVS. With the aim of experience sharing and reaching the other youngsters, web site, web block, short films will be designed and the youth informing will be done by means of the social media. With youth festival and youth bus they will be in the European Volunteering Year activities. Participation in cultural and art activities will contribute to the learning and interactive relation, obtaining different experiences. Getting Turkish language course, they will learn Turkish with the corporation of other volunteers.
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4 Partners Participants