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Daha İyi Bir Gelecek
Start date: Aug 1, 2015, End date: Jul 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

What our school aims and states in its vision is to enable the students to learn; to give them a chance to become sophisticaled, skillful, versatile and self-assured individuals; to help them gain the abilitites to raise awareness and catch up with the contemporary world around them and raise individuals who give importance to scientific knowledge and show respect towards others. To go through with the vision of our school and keep the status quo vigorous, it has been decided to carry out the Project called “ For better future”. Being a part of “Fatih Project”, our school has begun to use smart boards and tablet computers. But the school staff isn’t efficient enough regarding fully implementing of those devices yet so they would like to fulfil that need by in-service training. Our school accepts students regarding how well they scored in the exam and many students from many different cities attend our school. To keep all those students, having different backgrounds from each other , together, it is believed that some versatile projects should be performed. Besides, our school wants to be more active in aspect of in-service trainings since it is a part of a European Union. To enhance the quality of the education of our school, • The implementation of the newest technology in our school • To educate the staff in “European Diversity Education” So as to make those stated goals above happen and to become more competent in internationalization , eight teachers who are successful, extrovert, open to new Technologies, eager to learn new languages, capable enough to cope with functional diorders may ocur during language learning have been chosen by a committee for the Project. The chosen staff will attend 2 different training programs to cover the needs of our school and to be able to reach our goals related to internationalization. Those training programs are: 1. European Diversity Education: With this program, attendees will be able to develop new approaches towards individuals of different cultures. And they will also try to come up with new ideas to stop violence and bullying stem from diversity. Furthermore, by visiting schools, they are going to observe students, teachers and school administration. 2. Digital Classrooms: This training program will enable attendees to be more open to use of the newest technology so that they can bring that technology into classroom environment and introduce it to the students. In this way the learning process will be more appealing for the students. The attendees will show improvements for the sake of conveying and using the knowledge and ability they have gained in a better way. The staff will not only be given formal education but also an informal one. They will also be given the opportunity of observing the educational environments, working in groups, doing presentations and practicing what has been learnt in theory. With the help of all of these trainings, our school is going to be up- to- date. What has been gained throughout this program will meticulously be applied to the current curriculum so that our school is going to have a more contemporary curriculum and be more Professional in many aspects.

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