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Daha çok Güven! Daha az Kork!
Start date: Aug 1, 2015, End date: Jan 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

we aimed to male the people ro understand how important stage is the choice of vocation in our life , to create socail awareness in this issue. Our goal is to develop a universal sensitivity by our short film and the motto that we will use. Team leaders came our counrty for preliminary visit about our activities determined in our Project. By incoming team leaders in total 5 people, 3 female , 2 male was provided participation. We have made meeting concerned Project main acitivities with our team leaders. We carried out before activitiy concerned with preapres necessary was made application. 29 people participated in total from Bosnia, Macedonia, Lithunia, Greece and Turkey to our Project activities. Participants was created 17 female and 12 male. Firts day: Participants were made to reach at the place where the activities of the Project would take place. Second day:The day began with an ice breaker. After making presentation of our Project and presentation of youthpass. After "Hope-Fear-Expectation" was performed work. In the afternoon, participants will be held during our Project activities to operate efficiently in the work team to qualify quarterback played games. Then with our Project partners participating in their own country what they did to that Project surveys the results of story presentations were made. After then assesment groups are created for to critical studying which eill make every evening during Project activities and evalutaing for today is done. After dinner Turkish night was done the aim of intercultural activites. Third day: R ousing game made in tne morning then the city game olayed. In the afternoon we held workshops where wee explored the place of business life in human life. Then what are external factors in the choice of occupation and the workshop was made on the subject like what effect. After free time with evalutaion groups was made evalutaion of the day. After dinner the night of Bosnia and Lithunia was made the scope of intercultural activities. Fourth day:Throughout the day made a trip to İstanbul culture. The trip within the scope of Topkapı palace museum., Hagia sophia Museum visited the sultan Ahmet mosque and the grand abzaar. Afterward, the group were perfomred for the evaluation of the day evaluation. Fifth day: After the game, in the chocie of occupation is a dream or really the subject of the debate was the work that is important to you. Then the career chocieces study on the impact of family and social environment was the subject of debate. That should be taken account when making ncareer choice is exmanined in the afternoon of the workshop was held. Afterwards the survey questions that we have prepared previously with a survy with young people in various parts of Karamürsel was performed. Thgen the groups were performed for the evalutaion of the day evalutaion . The scope of Greece and Macedonia and dinner on the nighht of intercultural activities was made. Seventh day: short film shot after rousing game was held. Then Kocaeli University lecturer and author Alper Metin and theater job xhoixe with the participants of identical Yelda Özdeş vocational seminar was held to analyze his nplace in our lives. The day after the evaluation was performed by evalutaions groups. Eight day ; Erasmus rousing presentation was made after the game . Then poject management and were informed for writing ideas for new Project after the workshop was held. Then our participants were given youthpass and the final evalutaion was conducted . Finally all the participants held the party together with our. Ninth day; the departure of our parttiicpants was conducted. Common learning techniques of our participants during the Project acitivites and effective learning . Our Project activities after the Project outputs present our local regional national and international level dissemination activities were carried out in Europe.
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