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Cyprus shadowing in Spain
Start date: 01 Aug 2016, End date: 31 Jan 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The project intents to take place in Gandia, an extremely popular destination known for the long coastline available. Throughout there are about 80, 000 people that live there, with almost 30% of this population are young people aged between 18 and 35, both locals and people for minor communities such as Roman, Eastern Europe and African countries. The economic conditions in Spain have shift the mind of many young people, identifying the need to collaborate and improve the social activities in the area throughout the year, enabling ways to explore other natural and cultural landmarks of the area, as well as promoting opportunities and activities to held in the area. The Associacio Cultura Creativa has been collaborating with young people and other local organisations to develop such activities, establish a common ground for interaction between the young people living in the town of Gandia and create a platform of collaboration for tackling such issues. The project will take place at a time where the hosting organisation isplanning 2 youth exchanges in order to promote current landmarks (Gandia is surrounded by mountains considered to be of high archaeological importance) and finally use the resources they have available to develop projects tackling social problems, such as unemployment and people exclusion, encouraging active participation to people with fewer opportunities. This job shadowing will support Cultura Creativa in managing their activities and volunteering work, especially during the period of the youth exchange that will happen in Gandia. The support of an extra person experienced in the field of managing projects and cultural development is highly needed. Finally, there is a need to for EV youth to learn from diverse organisations such as Creativa Cultura that their scope of work combines international collaboration with remarkable local level participation of youth. This is consider to be a great opportunity to learn and adapt to the Cyprus environment, which also includes a diverse and skillful youth population that such activities will benefit and develop our growing society we live in.The objectives of this project are to contribute and learn from the experience of managing and coordinating volunteers and diverse groups of young people and ways of becoming actively involved in shifting their community development. To engage, share and learn the methodologies of the partner organisation and to interact with local and regional professionals working in the field of youth work and community development and ways of approachng social issues in bridging the gap between youth and their involvement to society. The sending person has been chosen according to her knowledge and skills in the area of cultural heritage and development. She has more that 5 years of practice and participation in archaeological field work but she is always motivated to connect her findings with modern contribution, involving young people in co-creating activities and ways of communicating these finding, making it interesting to youth today. The participant also has experience from European level volunteering projects and she is highly interested in encouraging young people to use their creativity and other skills to develop ideas into projects. The job shadow will mostly focus on following and supporting the work of the coordinators in Asoociacio Cultura Creativa during that period of time where they will organise two youth exchanges, attempting to bring local volunteers and European level volunteers together to interact, discover and design activities that will tackle social issues that the town of Gandia is currently facing.The participant will be in constant communication with the coordination and project manager of EV youth, to assess all available information about their stay and description of work. Youthpass will be an important tool to use in order to evaluate the expectations and learning of the participant through the process of job shadowing. There project hopes to contribute on the current shift that the community of Gandia is now facing, in order to recognise their national heritage and culture, by including young people in contributing to this social change. This people involved often have fewer opportunities and aim is to enable a platform of interaction with other EU partner countries and offer them opportunities to use programmes as this but also benefit from applying it in a local level. During the project, audiovisual material will be created, which will be used later to reach the best understanding of the experience of the project. The results will be discussed and shared in the team of EV youth, using the Job Shadow as a possible example of professional exchange through our networks. The materials and outcomes produced will also be kept for future project cooperation, building a strong partnership between the two organisations.
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