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Start date: Apr 6, 2002, End date: Dec 30, 2006 PROJECT  FINISHED 

A 4-year co-operation exercise between 7 partners in the UK, France and Ireland, this project, led by the UK Environment Agency (Cornwall), aims to develop a common, transferable and integrated approach to planning and management of natural (water) resources in the coastal zone by looking at the whole catchment area. It is innovative in its transnational approach to the management of coastal waters since it crosses the geographical divide where traditional ICZM has focused on the coordination of strategies in coastal zones alone. CYCLEAU thus links the planning and management of coastal zones and estuaries with that of their inland river catchment areas within an integrated planning process. Its objective is to develop a quality brand and methodology for coastal management to enhance environmental quality, promote sustainable economic activity and maximise stakeholder involvement. The project partners will carry out a number of pilot test actions and small investments at demonstration sites to explore new ways of managing and planning, ranging from implementing new techniques for water de-contamination, dredging and dealing with sedimentation, to securing the participation of farmers in addressing diffuse pollution, and developing a technical resource centre. Drawing on a rich background of pre-established national and European practices in the management of water resources, the partnership seeks to link all elements with the water management chain to optimise the common benefits for all and bring about holistic gains. The project was resubmitted at PSC4. Achievements: Cycleau has allowed a wide range of experts from several disciplines and countries to be brought together, allowing fresh ideas and innovative ways of working to be pooled and alternative options and methods reviewed. As well as input and review of the final Cycleau water management ‘methodology’ by all the project partners, a peer review was also carried out by independent experts from several different European countries. For details on outcomes and outputs, refer to the Cycleau website and Cycleau methodology CD ROM
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  • 2000 - 2006 North West Europe
  • Project on KEEP Platform
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