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Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

CVO Antwerpen is an adult education centre with several campuses in and around Antwerp (BE). CVO Antwerp is one of the largest centres for adult education certified and funded by the Flemish Community. 7,500 students are being trained annually. 250 staff members make daily efforts to accommodate these students and offer them the highest possible quality. CVO Antwerpen opts for internationalization in education in order to meet the challenges of tomorrow. It wants to offer its staff the much needed competences / skills / attitudes in order to offer adult education that is ready for these challenges. Not only the competences / skills / attitudes needed in future classrooms are important, also cultural skills, language skills and personal development are highly regarded in the corporate culture of CVO Antwerpen, because these aspects can make a difference in the future of Europe. In the context of this mobility project ‘CVOAntwerpen@Europe’ and with the strategic objectives in mind, CVO Antwerpen has selected 'European training courses’ during which one specific theme is tackled and 'study visits' where other European adult education centres are visited and intervision is a key element. Through this selection we are heading towards this open, innovative, high quality adult education as we aim at the sustainable development of teachers, the final executors of this adult education. Wit this project we wish to deal with the following challenges: • CVO Antwerpen is being confronted with a more and more diverse target audience • CVO Antwerpen is looking for new ways of teaching/learning • CVO Antwerpen wishes to professionalize the internal and external communication In selecting candidates, we take into account the variety of campuses and courses of CVO Antwerpen, so we can facilitate the ‘cross-pollination’ between the different departments and campuses. In September 2015, the department ‘internationalisation’ will inform all staff members of CVO Antwerpen about the available general European courses in the school year 2015-2017. The study visits within the departments of maritime training, Dutch as a second language and foreign languages will be presented to these teachers during course related meetings. Interested staff members can then register through by sending an extensive motivational letter to the department ‘internationalisation’ and the management staff of CVO Antwerpen. The department ‘internationalisation’ will discuss these motivational letters of possible interested staff members with the involved heads of department and director. After approval by all parties, the selected participants will be notified. The management of CVO Antwerp expects the skills and knowledge of the participants in the relevant fields of expert to be further developed and participants in this project to become ‘mini expertise centres’ giving advice/counselling to other colleagues at CVO Antwerpen and policymakers within CVO Antwerpen. As educational institution, we also expect to offer better quality to our students, both directly through teaching and indirectly through the policy choices CVO Antwerpen makes and the support it offers to students. We also expect that satisfaction in the job will increase through the participation in this project. In the past, we often heard that participation in European mobility’s could give a ‘boost’ by the new insights and ideas gained during these mobility’s. After a few years of employment, we are often hampered by our own ideas and references. Listening to and discussing with European colleagues broadens this reference framework and often leads to new insights and inspiration. CVO Antwerpen takes a leading role in the school district Antigon within the area of internationalization in education and often acts as a centre of expertise towards the primary and secondary schools in the region. This role will only get bigger and bigger in the future. We hope that participation in this project can create a domino effect in the school district Antigon. Nationally, at European level and internationally we wish to expand the international reputation and expertise of CVO Antwerpen by establishing new contacts and acquiring a better name reputation at these levels. In conclusion: as an adult education provider we expect this project to arm us with the required knowledge and skills to face the challenges facing adult education in Flanders.

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