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Customer Service in Practice
Start date: 01 Sep 2014, End date: 31 Aug 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The project 'Customer Service in Practice' is a partnership between the Austrian school Höhere Lehranstalt für wirtschaftliche Berufe Türnitz (HLW Türnitz) and the Finnish school Lapland Tourism College (Lapin matkailuopisto LAMO). Two classes of 25 and 20 students and 6 teachers are involved. During the project 'Customer Service in Practice' the students deal with various aspects of tourism. The participants investigate the different types of tourism and accommodation, they compare the offers of their respective home areas. They plan and give guided tours and they concentrate on local specialities and products. The final product of the project is a Customer Service Guide Book. It is important that the students learn that the resources of their country are the basis of any touristic activities. Moreover, they are made aware of the economic impact of tourism on their areas. Above all the project emphasises the importance of customer service in tourism. The students learn how to deal with customers politely. They will observe customer servants in practise, in the real environment. They will hear about the importance of giving excellent customer service from successful entrepreneurs in the Levi area where there is a lot of competition. This will be a part of their learning entrepreneurship. At the presentation evenings they have to serve the dishes to the guests, e.g. parents and members of the school management. By making the students and teachers work together in hands-on activities they are encouraged to communicate in other languages than their mother tongues. This improves their language skills. And they will learn to use Social media as a working tool plus different kinds of ICT tools in their communication and tasks. The cooperation encourages and enables the participating students to use the language skills they acquire at school. The contact with students from other countries strengthens their self-confidence and trust in their own abilities. Moreover, they realise that working with people from other countries is possible and useful. It makes them aware of the common European labour market and enhances their employability. Finally the project is expected to have an impact on students’ and teachers’ multicultural knowledge of each other’s realities and provide a European dimension in the real sense of the word.
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