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Curso práctico de 1 semana - perfeccionamiento y reciclaje para profesores no-nativos de espanol como lengua extranjera - Niveles C1-C2
Start date: Jul 27, 2015, End date: Jul 26, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Background: It is extremely important for a school that the teachers who teach foreign languages at the institution are in constant contact with the target cultural and country and that their language competence is continuously updated and renewed. They are expected to enhance their teaching by using authentic experiences with the target language and culture, so that the pupils are made aware of intercultural issues and become tolerant of other lifestyles. It is especially important to open their minds towards the European idea, which is – not only, but first and foremost – possible and necessary in the foreign language classroom. Learning a new language enables the pupils to approach people from other European countries and from all over the world and facilitates an insight into other cultures on our multi-faceted continent. In order to allow for an authentic insight into other cultures it is necessary for teachers to remain in contact with the target culture and language, so that his/her experiences and impressions can be passed on in the language classes. Aims of the project, number and profile of participants, description of activities, procedure: The teacher training course "Curso práctico de una semana: Perfeccionamiento y reciclaje para profesores no-nativos del espanol como lengua extranjera - Niveles C1/C2" is aimed at non-native teachers of Spanish who feel the need to keep up to date in linguistic as well as cultural and methodological issues. During the course, the participants (max. 10 per group) should perfect their language competence, improve their teaching and broaden their knowledge about Spanish culture. It therefore aims at an increased language competence as well as at an improvement of teaching abilities and an elevated level of authenticity in teaching since the teacher can build upon real experiences and situations. Apart from that, an intercultural exchange of good teaching practices among the different European participants should be fostered. The course itself consists of 30 lessons of 45 minutes per week. It is completed by a cultural programme which includes at least three activities per week in the afternoon/evening. These activities are supposed to enhance the teaching abilities in the participants‘ home countries. The teaching techniques used are mainly based on practical activities which aim at the linguistic and cultural immersion of the participants as well as at a reflection of one’s own teaching practices. The focus of the course are the participants themselves with their questions and doubts. Additional procedure: Some weeks before the beginning of the course the participants will receive a level test to be completed and a series of receptive and productive tasks which have to be completed beforehand and prepare the participants for the course. During the course there will be a constant evaluation of the participants‘ learning progress in order to ensure the progress made. At the end of the course there will be an additional extensive evaluation of the entire course. Intended results and effects: - improvement of the teacher’s methodological competence in the Spanish language classroom - reflection on teaching methods and techniques and comparison with teachers from other nations - brush-up and renovation of linguistic and cultural knowledge and competences, which will lead to an increased teaching and learning motivation - reinforcement of communicative competences, which are invaluable in a modern language classroom - extension of sociocultural knowledge about current affairs in Spain - increased European awareness by means of a comparison between the sociocultural situation of Spain and of other European countries Long-term benefits: One benefit for the long term could take the form of a school partnership or the initiation of an international project with Spanish teachers and teachers from other European countries who take part in the course. Another long-term goal is the general improvement of language teaching practices in the teacher’s original institution.

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