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CURSO DE METODOLOGÍA CLIL EN MALTA. Formación de profesorado en nuevas metodología/uso de recursos para aplicación en aulas bilingües en un centro con necesidades socioeconómicas deprimidas. Aprendiendo a ser europeos.
Start date: 04 Jul 2016, End date: 03 Jul 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Our school,C.E.I.P Virgen del Valle, from Lucena, is bilingual in English language since 2014/15. Its participation in Plans and Projects is very good and teachers are very envolved with continuos training that we can see in the realization of many work-groups, during this year focus on the elaboration of bilingual materials.Besides,we have a wide experience participating in Comenious Multilateral Projects with the current direction as coordinator.Our main necesities, that we hope to solve little by little are the following:1. To improve our pedagogical habilities to convey the foreign language to our heterogeneous pupils.2.Creation of bilingual material that can help us in our labour as teachers during the daily routine and our planification and planning activities.3. Another important issue, is the improvement of learning quality in our school coloborating with future colleagues in Europe in order to start future associatons.ObjectivesWe need and want to know educative , innovative and methodological training such as Clil methodology in order to our pupils are motivated and pay attention and so to avoid the monotony. Above all ,to improve the training of our bilingual team and foeign language teachers , enriching our students, the rest of the teachers, our bilingual project and the school.Results We hope positive results and a big development in our organization for part of the teachers and also in our students.To involve the maximum numbers of members of educative community.We hope to make some contacts with others institutions during the development of our formation abroad and to stablish the bassis of future associations.To use Etwinning can contribute in our spreading about learnt in the course, and also the captation of new foreigner partners for the Ka2 project.PreparationOur formation will be basically linguisticfor the participant in this new courseof English recycling, level B2 for teachers and preparation for level C1 for others.Travelesventure is supposed to send us previous materials for the course in order to prepare CLIL Methodology.Activities-Until september 2005 we are working to elaborate bilingual materials, in different working groups and we realized our needs to improve our skill in this methodology.-We have done a ERASMUS PLUS course about European Programme-We elaborated our Development European Programme 2015/2016-Pre-Registration and aplicattion for the course on time.-Movility course-Evaluation of the course andi mpact in our school.-Disemination of the results of the activities and Improve of our tasks in the next school yearEvaluation and Diseminations.We will use the web page and bilingual blog to share the result of our course and our learning. Furthermore , we will try to work in Colabora platform to diseminate our learnings with all the educative comunity and with the Teachers Center.Finally, we will make a continuos evaluation of our practice with clil in our classroom, taking into account, in our bilingual programme.ImpactWith teachers: We will use the new materials and learning in CLIL methodology , during the school year and we will try to involve the rest of the teacher in this proyect.For the classroom: Our student we will start to work with AICLE/CLIL materials in bilingual classroom to improve thair motivation, thanks to we have a very good resources in computer ( digital board in all the classroom, different computer aplication available...)As a school centre, we hope to contribute with a bigger and best application and development of bilinguisim, improving the motivation of the students towards the English learning process.At the same time, to stablish the bassis for a new organization KA2, would be a positive goal , because as we mentioned before we have a wide experience in the organization of multilateral Comenious and Regious Comenious ,bilingual project, fullfillment and introduce the Clil methodology in our lessons planning and the bilingual project.
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