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Curriculum reform and the modernization of ecology engineering based on nanotechnology
Start date: Dec 1, 2013,

The main aim of the project is the modernization of curricula on Ecology Engineering (EE) in higher education system of AZ by means of a larger use of achievements of nanotechnology. Harmonization of the new curricula with respect to those in EU will be pursued. Great attention has been devoted to the partnership. The involved AZ universities are among the best ones in the Country. The EU universities participating in this project are European leaders for education and research in nanotechnology and its environmental applications (membrane processes, photocatalysis). A particular methodology to validate the new advanced courses to modernize the actual curricula was proposed: the implementation and realization of an one year Advanced Course on Ecology Engineering-ACEE addressed to AZ graduates, to test the new modules to be introduced in EC curricula, and to share teaching experience among teachers from AZ and EU. This will allow to evaluate the new education system impact on the countryside students. During the collaboration for ACEE the reform of the EE curricula will be developed and continuously discussed. An important AZ company of environmental monitoring will contribute to design curricula for enhancing entrance of graduates in the job market. Among the partnership there is the Azerbaijan Ministry of Education, which will look forward the initiative and will take care of the accreditation of the new curricula. The education on EE in the AZ universities will be performed in collaboration with EU universities , which have developed new courses on EE based on their experiences in nanotechnology and the supports of nanocenters. In order to elongate the collaboration among the universities double/joint degrees will be established among the university partners. Throughout the project an “external” institution, i.e. CSI, will supervise the quality of the project and the achievement of the targets by pre-fixed indices. Dissemination will be supervised by BSU.

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