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Curriculum embedding through international partnership
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Background of the project: Despite all the actions taken in the early stages and the enthusiasm of the students and teachers it was perceived as difficult to offer 15% of their curriculum time in English. The curriculum had to be developed appropriately in order to be able to function effectively. Developing the lessons in English require a lot of investment from the teachers, taking into consideration the subject, content and materials. Teachers also found that the students' overall English level was not sufficient for, for example, world orientation courses to be delivered entirely in English. Finding moments to process English was difficult. Teachers sometimes felt inadequately equipped to teach the entire lesson in L2 which led to insecurity and demotivation. With the above issues in mind, the school has chosen to further professionalize its staff to achieve the objectives stated in the language policy from 2015 to 2020. Objectives of the project: The objectives of our school are twofold; on the one hand, through further professionalizing its teachers we hope to increase the teachers' English language skills and thus indirectly the level of the students', and on the other hand, we hope to challenge the students and respond to the individual needs of the students by providing meaningful and challenging activities which are integrated in a natural way in the entire school program. We want to achieve these meaningful and challenging activities, amongst others, by working closely with our partner schools in Italy. This way we hope to learn with them and from them. Course Content: In accordance with the teachers' personal goals and objectives and the school's ambitions for the future as laid out in the School Development Plan 2015-2020, the team and management have opted for a CLIL (Content and Languages Integrated Learning) program specifically focussing on English as a third language and weak language students in general. Components of such a program are: - Different learning and teaching styles and Classroom English - Project work on how to combine English and subject content - Multiple Intelligences - Vocabulary and grammar - CLIL principles - The use of ICT in the classroom Management of the project: The bilingual coordinator appointed by the foundation VSAT will intitially, together with the two language coordinators of the Titus Brandsma school, make contact with the language school / language school to explain the needs of the school and the objectives of the teachers. In consultation a preliminary week program will be prepared. This will then be shared with the teachers so that any adjustments can be made accordingly. Intended results: Expected outcome for the teachers: 1. Teachers will see an improvement in their language skills. They have become more confident about their English fluency and accuracy with which they speak. They have gained a better understanding of the correct use of Classroom English and appropriate terminologies for explanations, instruction and asking questions. 2. The teachers have been introduced to new, practical and didactical teaching / working methods, and can offer this to their own practice / group. Expected outcome for the school: 1. The teachers share the knowledge and experience with colleagues, students and parents in the school and thus contribute to the achievement of the school development plan 2015-2020. 2. The teachers apply their newly developed skills in the two areas of the school pilot; ICT and bilingual education. Expected outcome for the students: 1. The students are introduced to new themes, new teaching techniques and extension and enrichment of the curriculum in the field of bilingual education. Long term implications: With the continuous professional development of our teachers we hope to ensure the content, quality and progression of the bilingual program. With the intention to realise our ambition plan 2015-2020 we hope to give students a good foundation for both their English proficiency as well as by providing tools and skills to successfully contribute to a meaningful and tolerant society. 'Learning beyong Boundaries; Learning for Life '.

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