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curriculum development for MAster Program of Environmental engineering and Climate change.
Start date: Oct 15, 2011,

The main objective of MAPEC project is to establish and accredit a high didactic & contents of master course in the environmental engineering and climate change field at the Jordanian and Syrian partner universities to enhance its capacity.Specific Objectives:- To establish & credit a master course following the Bologna requirements.- To create a new and improved culture of environmental awareness and responsibility that will ensures a healthy population.- To improve & diffuse new professionals that will span the business, government and non profit sectors according to the national strategy.The objectives are pursued as follows (outcomes=oc, output=op)1-Networking business companies, government and non-profit sectors around environmental & climatic change issues. Jordanian & Syrian bodies will host internships and employ trained experts.oc: a committed and sustainable partnership that will develop a sustainable re-mediation strategies.op: Companies and public administrations will host internships and employment experts.2-Planning & developing the didactic materials through EU partners. Training and needs analysis in cooperation with the networked bodies.oc: developing a pool of trained experts that will have appropriate access to the labour market.op: to benifit from the Europeans in their practical experiences and measuring equipment to enhance and update the didactic methodology using information technologies.3- Master's credit procedure . ECTS criteria will be assured.op: MAPEC credited4- Master implementation and runningEngineers, economists, scientists and lawyers will access the coarse. Teachers will be from Jordan, Syria and the EU.ICT will be used for distance learningoc: one hundred experts trained in environment and climatic changeop: setting the technological training platform5. Supporting employments for the trained professional in the networked bodies.oc: involving more companiesop: Forty participants employed.
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10 Partners Participants