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Curious Loud Silence
Start date: May 5, 2015, End date: Oct 4, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Intimidations about the harm of virtual communication that replaces real human relationship are heard since the very first days of creation of the Internet and live chat software. However, thanks to modern technologies, people from various countries can keep in touch in a more easy and simple way. Virtual communication is not always followed by negative consequences. You just have to learn to use it in a right way and understand when and how it will benefit. “Curious Loud Silence” is a project, aimed at showing two different sides of virtual communication: strengths and weaknesses. During the course of the entire project the participants will be encouraged to communicate with the help of information technologies and media only, thus inviting to use and discover other than verbal ways of communication. The participants should realize the importance of speech in everyday life, but also not deny the benefits of virtual communication. This project will involve the communication with young people suffering from hearing loss. During the project the deaf people will be able to fully participate in all engagements. Such cooperation should put all project participants in a more complicated situation in regard to free and informal communication; therefore, young people will be encouraged to search for the ways to solve problems independently with the help of media. The participants will be induced to get a deeper insight of the surrounding environment and to follow their senses. “Curious Loud Silence” is the youth exchange. This youth exchange project will take place for 7 days in a cozy town – Trakai. The project will involve a group of 40 young people from the Greece, Turkey, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Germany, and Lithuania. The project will serve to develop the communication skills, self-esteem, creativity, and independence of young people with fewer opportunities from families going through economic, social, and psychological difficulties, to encourage active involvement in the activities organized by them, also to familiarize with different cultures as well as to create new cooperation networks. As mentioned above, during the course of the entire project the participants will communicate among each other in virtual environment only; production of video and audio clips will serve as subsidiary means of communication, which will encourage searching for creative solutions. During the engagements the participants will be introduced to up-to-date and the most accessible computer programs as well as be taught main elements of sign language; the objective will be that the participants themselves search for the ways of communication among each other without using verbal speech. The project will also involve games, aimed to improve the personalities of different nature. Expected project activities: seminar, search for and use of information, creative activities, production of audio and video clips on communication, cultural differences, etc. Youth in rural districts lack activities; therefore, the ways to solve problems are searched for through project activities, since the lack of employment has negative influence on young people. The idea of “Curious Loud Silence” project originated through the search for possibilities of how to familiarize youth with disadvantages and advantages of virtual world, enable sharing knowledge and acquiring new experience not only through cooperation with Lithuanians, but also engaging youth from various countries. People say that youth is our future; therefore, we wish to in every possible way cherish, orient, and help young people to expand their horizon. By involving the neighboring countries in project activities it is aspired to promote cross-cultural communication and long-term cooperation of future Europe. Such activities were chosen for the implementation of this project for youth in different age groups and suffering from various types of difficulties to be actively engaged in such activities, acquire knowledge, share experience, develop esthetic perception and artistic expression skills, grow spiritually, as well as acquire the fundamentals of cultural competence.
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